A Batting Champion Is Available On The Trade Market

The Milwaukee Brewers need offense. Their best eligible hitter in 2022 is hitting just .255 on the season. Their second best qualified hitter is hitting .251 on the year. Those players are Hunter Renfroe and Kolten Wong. Both have since been sold.

In short, the Brewers need help on offense. They need guys who can get hits and get on base often. No one gets hit more often than a reigning league batting champion. And one of them just hit the trade market.

At the Winter Meetings, rumors surfaced that the Minnesota Twins were open to trading AL batting champion Luis Arraez this offseason and the Brewers should be done with it.

In Dan Hayes’ piece, he mentioned that the odds of a trade aren’t high and that the Twins will make this deal for the right price. They want top tier pitching, but that’s primarily because all of their current pitchers will be free agents after 2023.


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