A Persnickety Tig Notaro Won Late Night This Week

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It’s been another week for this late-night meta-comedy about fantasy. Joe Jonas has thrown his hat in the ring to usurp James Corden as host The Late Late Show, and Chelsea Handler announced her bid to host ASAP’s late-night show. It was the second most effective ad this week running for the item. Emrata has made a more relevant case for TikTok and/or its podcast than late-night talk shows. Late Night with Seth Meyers. (#SethMeyersBitchEra.) Jonathan Majors gave Trevor Noah his flowers before his near-exit from the late-night arena, which was thoughtful. And Jon Stewart touched base with ex-boyfriend Stephen Colbert. (More on that later — especially in No. 5 of this list.)

I have some reservations about what Jon Stewart says in recent clips about how he wants to respond to anti-Semitism and hate speech, but the AO3 tags speak for themselves, re: Stewart and Colbert Deep Love:

No one does schadenfreude like Jimmy Kimmel. He might be the funniest host of late night, because even Andy Cohen usually prefers to leave others the meat for his entertainment rather than getting in on the fun himself. Last week, Kimmel told a funny story about how much Dr. Oz hates Trump, and this week he made more jokes about how much Trump’s own family hates him. Choosing to tell Tiffany’s medieval married story from the guest’s perspective was Kimmel’s most chef-kissed. It was exactly the level of food we were expecting.

When she was called an amazing and amazing head of communications for Twitter, Daily showof the Desi Ledecky was truly all of us. RIP Twitter, a place where absolute dipshits can say the most stupid things and it won’t affect the world. By the time it took the Deepships platform. Ledecky’s performance was that worn-out cog in the late capitalist machine that became a classic character on TechTick, the platform that will surely overtake Twitter in relevance sometime next week. Again, RIP.

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Again, the ultimate spot on this list goes to a classic talk show performance by a star. Emirata and Anya Taylor-Joy were both competing for this spot, but Taylor-Joy secured it with two points. One, she had a story about being saved from falling down the Met Gala steps by a Dong Show host, and two, she had a story about the Beach Boys. If there’s one vote in this crazy business we call Show, it belongs to Mike Love. I’m not sure why, ask John Stamos.

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Tig Notaro entered The Late Show with Stephen Colbert stage with Rod-as-Fuck Ken, in part because she was hard on Colbert pickle The show had already broken her leg, apparently, but she was committed enough to the gig to push it further with a solid pickle ball. So she opened it got late Appearance using a rod alligator-head cane. Then she insisted that “free speech” is not what some mother freaks would have you believe. then She went on to be the first “yes” on the Pickleball show, and what does that mean for her career? Can he say “no” to the gig, or is there a mental block about it? It’s a perfect conversation piece because it’s topical, it’s funny, it’s fun, and it involves a beautiful pot of gold.

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