“America Meets The Internet”: 100 Memes That Sum Up Life In The United States

Not every joke or witty statement will have you rolling on the floor laughing, but most of them usually have a grain of truth in them. Take any country for example—there are a lot of jokes and memes about what it’s like to live there and what still needs to be changed to improve the whole situation. Many people accept the joke; although some people think it is offensive to read anything negative about their home.

The satirical Instagram page ‘America Meets The Internet’ divides American society through memes and screenshots of brutally on-point opinions about the current state of the country. We’ve collected some of their funniest, most powerful and insightful posts to share with you. Scroll down, upvote the ‘American shenanigans and memes’ you agree with, and be sure to share your views in the comments, dear Pandas.

Which of these pictures do you think was the scene? Were there any that you think could use more nuance? Send us news.

The ‘America Meets The Internet’ page describes itself as dedicated to posting shenanigans and memes about the United States. Instagram account is very popular. At the time of writing, he had 377k followers.

Many followers enjoy the humor, weird memes, as well as the socio-political commentary embedded in the pictures. The page is a way to keep a finger on the pulse of America and some of the most important issues of late… at least in meme format.

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ country. Every nation is plagued by its own unique set of issues that make life more difficult than it should be for its citizens. And the United States is no exception.

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For example, one major problem that many Americans face is the exorbitant cost of health care. We have previously covered on Bored panda how insurance companies are heavily involved in providing patient care. That means they do whatever they can to avoid paying for health care.

“We are trained very early, almost like soldiers, to work hard and long hours, to deal with very stressful conditions, and to work through the emotional turmoil of death, debility, and the effect of the things that’s on the patient and their families,” he said. the doctor previously told Bored Panda about the kind of stress healthcare providers deal with in the US.

“I love what I do because I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I have wanted to be a doctor since I was 5 years old, because I had a big medical problem myself. I remember the care and compassion my doctors showed me when I was that age, and they helped me through my very difficult times. I wanted to do that for others, and so far I think I have. However, insurance companies find it difficult and almost always apply cold, inhuman and compassionate rules to patients when they are most vulnerable,” he explained.

American hospitals are highly consolidated, which means there is less competition. About a quarter of the costs Americans pay for health care are administrative costs. To put it bluntly, you pay more because of how inefficient the bureaucratic system is.

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The sad reality is that the US does not provide the same bang for your buck as other developed countries when it comes to health care. Americans pay much more. But they get much less. This is unfortunate because the country is full of talented and hardworking professionals, with access to good technology.

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation explains that health care costs in the US come to about 12.3k dollars per person. Compare that to almost 7.4k dollars in Germany and 7.2k dollars in Switzerland. The average per capita health care expenditure in rich countries is just over 5.8k dollars.

In short, this means that spending in the US is more than twice the average in other developed nations.

Carving out a niche for yourself on social media is quite a challenge. There are so many meme creators and pages out there! So standing out is a problem if you’re doing the same thing as hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other internet users.

Finding an interesting angle or niche topic can help you stand out. Content can also be posted consistently. And if you focus on quality rather than quantity, you should eventually get the attention you deserve. However, luck also plays an important role in this. Unfortunately, not everyone will make it big on social media.

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Previously, Bored Panda spoke with content creator Trev Lewis, from Los Angeles, about memes and humor.

“The two most common types of content that go viral are animals and food. This is what the data shows. It doesn’t matter how many times algorithms are tweaked, or what platform we’re dealing with, people stick to nutrition and on other creatures. We’re pretty animalistic that way,” he told us during an earlier interview.

Trev adds humor when content goes viral, Trev told us. “Relatability is a more critical component as this is the factor that often motivates people to share the content with others. Sharing is the highest form of engagement and the only path to viral content. Continued it’s all the other forms of engagement,” he explained.

According to the content creator, people with a sense of humor tend to become more sophisticated over time. Therefore, creators must grow and adapt. Always! So while some older memes may still be relevant today, chances are most of them won’t be. Some memes lose their novelty. Others who are forgotten need much more context as time goes on, as newer issues come to light.

“I doubt we are [content creators] you will only get more creative as time goes on. There’s also an interesting theory that humor is primarily a coping mechanism or even a response to trauma,” he told us earlier.


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