America’s Got Talent: All-Stars episode 4 recap

“America’s Got Talent: All-Stars” continued Monday night with the fourth group of 10 acts vying for a coveted spot in the Finals. The new spin-off series will feature former “Got Talent” contestants from America and across the global franchise in a seven-week championship to determine the final star to claim the title of “Got Talent World Champion.” Judges series longtime Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum return to the panel of judges with Terry Crews on stage for hosting duties.

The 10 acts that performed the January 23rd episode were a magician Hugh McCannsingers Cristina Rae and Robert Finleya dancer Darius Mabdacellists Emil & Darielcomedy group Human Fountaindance group Droids Mini, Ndlovu Youth Choiraerial dancers Power Duoand act of horror Sacred Tracks.

In each of those first rounds, only two of the 10 acts will progress to the Finals. One will be hand-picked by one of the judges via the Golden Buzzer and the other will be chosen by a collection of super fans from across the country. In the January 2 premiere, a dance group Children Light Balance received the Golden Buzzer from Howie and an acrobatic trio Sister Bello advanced on the superfan vote. In the second week, Terry awarded the Golden Buzzer Detroit Youth Choir and the superfans push through an aircraft Aiden Bryant. Then, Simon handed out the episode 3 Golden Buzzer to the comedian Mike E. Winfield and the saxophonist superfans Dixon field through.

Follow our live blog of episode 4 of the performances and judges reviews below:

8:04 p.m – Tonight’s show kicked off with the winners of “Philippines’s Got Talent” season 5, Power Duo. They met during that season, fell in love, and got married. Now they are competing to achieve their dream of “making it” in the United States. Howie loved that they combined aerialism with floor dancing, but also pointed out that there was a slip in their performance when she lost a rope. Heidi said the error was irrelevant because her performance was still beautiful. Simon liked them so much that he asked Heidi why she didn’t use the Golden Doradán.

8:11 p.m – On was Cristina Rae, a singer who gave Heidi her Golden buzzer on season 15 where she finished in third place. Since then she has been doing shows on Broadway and is aiming to star in a musical, but she wants to become a household name across the country. After she performed “Hold My Hand”, Heidi and Simon were applauding her. Simon said his first audition was great and he still loves her. Howie didn’t think her song choice was “out of the box”, suggesting she may not have done enough to get through. Heidi said that Cristina doesn’t need a golden buzzer this time so she had to push it again.

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8:23 p.m – Men of Human Fountain from season 13 one member returned briefly this time, but that didn’t stop the judges from recognizing them immediately. Simon wasn’t a fan of them to begin with so he gave them the red X twice and they were eliminated in the quarter finals. Now, with TikTok streaming, they returned to create something for Simon. Heidi told them she’s “really excited” to see them back on stage, but Simon hit the red X again and said he thinks the spit was louder last time.

8:33 p.m – It’s been nine years since the brothers Emil & Dariel First shown on season 9 when they finished as finalists. It was a season before Simon was a judge and they returned for the opportunity to show him their music. Although he seemed bored at the beginning, Simon said that they are both very talented but also very boring as personalities. Heidi was very amused despite admitting that it was very similar to what they had done before. Howie agreed that they didn’t need to raise the bar on what they had done before. Simon tried to ask the two to give them something interesting to apply their star quality, but they were unable to inspire the panel from their indifference.

8:45 p.m – Before going out on stage, very nervous Darius Mabda he said that Simon is in a grumpy mood. He was the winner of season 12 of “Romania’s Got Talent” with his acting, but he had never been to America before and he admitted how big it is. Heidi kicked off reviews by calling him a “borderline contortionist” because of how amazingly he can move his body. Howie called him a great acrobat and athlete and he thinks the super fans will respond very well to him. Simon noted that halfway through his performance changed from the expected to the unexpected. He also said that he has a real shot at the superfans vote.

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8:57 p.m – The judges were nervous to look back Sacred Tracks, the quarterfinalist of the 13th season that always put the horror magic of the panel. For the performance, Howie was chosen (or a piece of paper decided he would) to go on stage as an assistant, but the whole thing put him off. At the “end” of the performance, Naofa Riana left and the judges and the audience were left confused as to whether it was over or not. All we had to do was write a note to Howie that said “I’m coming for you.”

9:09 p.m – It was a great relief for the judges when they were a young magician Hugh McCann He took the stage for the American sequel to his final run on “Britain’s Got Talent” season 14. Although it took a long time, his act of predicting choices that the judges would independently make came out right and earned him the first overall standing ovation for the night. Simon called him incredible and Heidi said he was a star before he hit the Golden Buzzer!

9:23 p.m – Blues Singers Robert Finley He was close to returning to the stage after a semi-final finish on season 14. He was thrilled to come back singing his own original song and brought the entire audience to their feet. Heidi sang his incredible voice and was very impressed with him throwing in some dance moves. Simon was disappointed that he didn’t get a “platinum” buzzer because “gold isn’t enough.” He called his voice brilliant and agreed with the others that it was a “stellar performance”.

9:34 p.m – On their first trip to Hollywood, the boys of the winning group performed season 7 “Belgium’s Got Talent” Droids Mini which is done next. Howie called his ’90s set list “unique” and said they have a skill set worthy of moving forward, but there was some hesitation in his voice. Simon asked if anyone in the group is singing and was disappointed with a “no.” He and Heidi thought he wasn’t good enough to earn the fan vote.

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9:43 p.m – The final performance of the night came from Ndlovu Youth Choir, finalists from season 14 who returned to the show to continue to inspire the African continent to overcome their obstacles. Before the song, Howie added his favorite choir and Simon said they use them as a reference for every other choir they see. Their lively original song drew another standing ovation from the judges. Heidi was watching them for the first time and called the performance lively. Howie reminded us that he doesn’t like treats, but they leave like they’re a finished Broadway show and worthy of a Golden Buzzer. Simon said it was the “right thing” to return with original music and acknowledged the “unbelievable” response from the audience in the room.

9:55 p.m – With Aidan already through on Heidi’s Golden buzzer, Terry revealed the three acts out of the nine remaining with the most votes from the super fans: Power Duo, Ndlovu Youth Choir, and Darius Mabda. He then informed us who came third in the vote and that was Darius Mabda. From the last two, Power Duo wins the most votes and advances to the Finals.

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