Andrey Piontkovsky: “Controlled decay” that’s how the US wants to end with Russia

The political scientist spoke about “traditional American caution”, which does not allow a quick blow to Russia.

The United States adheres to “traditional caution” in Russia affairs. Washington is “afraid to jump into the unknown”, so it seeks to ensure that “control falls” of the Russian Federation not to Ukrainians, but to Americans.

“This is the traditional fear of the unknown. Before their eyes, the vast country of the Soviet Union, the centuries-old Russian Empire, was collapsing. They managed to fight him, Russia. They beat the Soviet Union, rest assured”Piontkovsky said. “And now they fear the uncertainty of this gap in the world. In addition, Moscow propaganda is working hard in the USA. Until recently, they scared the West with their power. Now the propaganda is aimed at pity, they fear their weakness”.

Political scientist and publicist Andrey Piontkovsky expressed this point of view on the air of the Groshchi project, answering the question why ATACMS missiles and other weapons necessary for victory are not yet available to Ukraine by the American side.

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Piontkovsky recalled the visit of the 41st US President, George W. Bush, to Ukraine in 1991, when he demanded that the Ukrainians would not seek the independence of the state. This example shows that Americans do not understand the psychology of Ukrainians, the analyst believes.

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According to the expert, we are talking about the traditional school of political thought, according to which all processes must be manageable, including the fall of Russia.

At the same time, the political scientist expressed confidence that sooner or later ATACMS shells, as well as other American weapons, will arrive in Ukraine.

“On one side of the scale is the opinion that it is necessary to make the victory of Ukraine not sharp, and ready so that the weakened authorities in Russia stay and maintain control over the country. And on the other side of the scale is the suffering of the Ukrainian people. And now we are waiting for which of these scales is most important in the minds of the American leadership. And I am sure that this will be a cup of solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Otherwise, American society, which supports Ukraine, will not allow it.”

Earlier, Piontkovsky said that Putin’s inner circle is aware of the need for agreements with the West. In addition, he believes that the negotiation process should be carried out without the participation of the current president of the Russian Federation.

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