Armed Forces Entertainment Hosts More Than 500 Live Shows Around the Globe Yearly to Boost Morale and Show Appreciation for Nearly 400,000 U.S. Military Personnel Serving Overseas

Joint Base Andrews, Md., January 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As their name suggests, Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE) has deep roots in bringing entertainment to US service members overseas. During WWII, they provided field operations and support for the efforts of the United States Service Organization (USO), then launched in 1951 as the Department of Defense. Their legacy of creating uplifting entertainment shows continues today. By 2022, AFE reached nearly 400,000 service members through 85 tours and 510 individual exhibitions at 355 remote military installations worldwide.

“In times of war or peace, AFE’s mission is simple – to bring military personnel serving overseas, especially those in remote or emergency locations, a little time and fun, if it’s Be it through comedy, music, magic or sports.” Brian BurkeAFE Marketing and Business Analyst.

At the same time, AFE tours take place in different regions, including: EuropeMediterranean, Pacific region, Southwest Asia and the Western Hemisphere.

It is in these remote and remote stations that AFE has found its niche. Burke said, “While AFE coordinates recreation around the world where U.S. military personnel live and work, our mission is to support our service members in isolated locations, primarily Especially in emergency operations where it is difficult to reach and where visibility is low.”

Bringing a touch of home through entertainment is the goal of AFE. One service member recently recalled – “Love, love, love it! You have no idea what it means to service members serving all over the world,” referring to his experience as a music rapper. Lecrae presents.

AFE tours go to every corner of the world with special shows designed to entertain US troops deployed from each region, knowing that each installation has its own unique personality and preferences.

Musical performances and concerts feature a cappella, rock, pop, country, disco, instrumental competitions and more. Stand-up comedians like Daniel Duggar, Adam Devine and George WallaceAn AFE regular, brings enthusiasm to AFE rounds. And top athletes in football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, hockey, soccer, and cheerleading bring their skills to share in family-friendly clinics.

The National Football League is sending the game’s best players for live discussions and clinics, including AFE’s upcoming Super Sunday tour. Bernard BerenBobby Carpenter Brandon Carr, Dexter McClusterDarren McFadden and Bryant McKinney in February 2023.

“We are always looking for fresh, new talent as well as outstanding, experienced entertainers who want to share their gifts with our service members,” Burke added.

Burke said the entertainers have as much fun putting on the show as the audience members. “Giving back to the armed forces and hopefully brightening their day and bringing a little piece of home is what inspires us,” Devin said. His sentiment is echoed time and time again by AFE players.

As Armed Forces Recreation enters 2023, it salutes all of its partners in capability, logistics, field support, and promotions to deliver high-quality, memorable R&R experiences to U.S. service members. bring

About Armed Forces Entertainment: Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE) is the official Department of Defense agency that provides quality entertainment to U.S. military personnel serving overseas, primarily in emergency operations and remote and isolated locations. Now in its 77th year, AFE brings a touch of home to nearly 400,000 troops annually through music, sports and comedy entertainment, providing much-needed downtime to our dedicated military members.

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