Badiri continues to empower aspiring female entrepreneurs


Pictures during the graduation of the 2022 batch.

More than 1,000 female founders have graduated so far under the Badiri Entrepreneurship Program (BEP), gaining specialized business and leadership skills, and helping transform their ideas into successful business projects.

The inclusive entrepreneurial program, which started in 2015-16 under the Badiri Education and Development Academy (Badiri) – the education and capacity building arm of NAMA Women Advancement, supports the spirit of women entrepreneurs in the region and beyond in a hands- on that is practical. method of building their knowledge and business skills.

The graduation of the 2022 batch marks the end of the international program in its physical form, while BEP is moving to an exclusive digital module to stimulate the entrepreneurial mindset of many young people from around the world.

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Under the digital platform, BEP will continue to empower aspiring and established women entrepreneurs with the tools and frameworks of a startup business.

BEP graduates have launched successful businesses in niche and specialized fields and are now inspiring more women to pursue their business ambitions by maximizing their potential with the right skills. The comprehensive and integrated curriculum of the Badiri Entrepreneurship Program education course supports the professional development of participants by deep diving into the skills needed to build a solid foundation for a profitable and successful business and increase their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship to empower them in their business journeys.

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Along with group learning courses, the program also features one-on-one mentorship, project visits, implementation workshops, and assessments to test the applicability and scalability of business ideas.

The final BEP edition consists of six learning modules, seven practical workshops, two field visits and several hours of individual teaching sessions over seven months.

Designed in collaboration with local and international academic institutions, and specialized local entities, BEP will continue to improve economic opportunities for men and women everywhere under the new digital platform. Graduates of the digital course will continue to launch pilot projects through the Sharjah Business Women Council, an affiliate of NAMA, in a learning journey that will give them the right support to pursue their business ambitions.

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BEP has partnered with world leaders in the field including the School for Social Entrepreneurship (SSE) based in the UK and the National Science and Technology Park (NSTP) in Pakistan – to ensure that women in the UAE who aspire to become entrepreneurs get the best teachers to guide them on their learning journey.


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