‘Bechara fass gaya,’ Gauahar Khan supports Shalin Bhanot, internet gets divided

Big Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot faced one of the most significant embarrassing moments of the show. During last week’s Weekend Ka Vaar, Shalin decides not to put a prize money of Rs 25 lakhs at risk, and let Tina Datta go. However, yesterday, taskmaster BB put Shalin in a tiff and tested his friendship.

After the eviction, Tina confronted Shalin through MeTv, and BB gives her another chance to Tina to re-enter the house. However, Tina’s fate depended on Shalin’s decision, and this time he decided to bring Datta back, and give up all the prize money. Tina was shocked and disappointed with Bhanot’s behavior during Weekend Ka Vaar, and she felt cheated.

After the eviction, Shalin was also heard saying that he will not keep any ties with Tina and he never felt emotional for her. This made matters worse for Bhanot. Tina ignored Shalin after she entered, and gave him cold vibrations. Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Gauahar Khan came in support of Bhanot, and expressed her thoughts over the debacle. On her Twitter, Khan asked, “Didn’t Tina clearly nod and tell Shalin not to press ???? Or did I see something extra ??? Does anyone have a clip of that ??? Bechara shalin phas gaya . This buzzer was delicate.”

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Here is Gauahar’s post

Immediately after Gauahar’s post, netizens started pointing out Shalin’s doglap, and how he cheated. While some netizens supported Shalin, some of them blasted Gauahar for supporting Bhanot. A user wrote, “Purey desh ne dekha hai. Ki tina ne aankho se aur sar hila kar shalin ko mana kiya buzzer dabane ko.Abhi keyse palat gayi daayan kehti hai mai to 3 tak ginti hoti us se pehle mai buzzer daba deti shalin bhanot .” She is a great CHAPTER in the history of the great boss.” Another user brought up Shalin and Gauahar, “But it’s not just this. He said many more things about her after she left. He just got exposed because he didn’t know she’d come back right away so he started saying how he didn’t like her. so much and that he will not meet her outside.”

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One of the users wrote, “Clearly Tina proved her friendship for convenience as soon as public saw real face of Tina which she flipped when she came back pure bill shalin pe faad diya… crafty n uninsured woman just to come back in shiv. n mandli.” It will be interesting to see how Tina and Shalin’s relationship will remain after Tina’s re-entry.

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