Billie Lourd and Husband Austen Rydell Welcome Baby No. 2

Billie Lourd is a mother of two!

of the ticket to heaven The actress and actor husband Austin Riddell, both 30, have welcomed their second child together, the actor’s father Brian Lord revealed during an interview on Tuesday. kind ofDeal Makers Breakfast in Beverly Hills, California.

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“My daughter had a baby last night,” he said, sitting with Claudia Eller. kind ofChief Production Officer. “I left the hospital at 1:30 and got there at 6 this morning. I’m a little tired, but I’m happy.”

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“Everything is great,” he added. “So if I run, it’s because the adrenaline is still flowing.”

Lorde and Riddell are already parents to 2-year-old son Kingston Fisher.

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Billy Lord.
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Talking to the crowd at the Los Angeles premiere in October ticket to heavenLorde discussed how different her second pregnancy was from her first during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I didn’t go anywhere,” she said. “I made a blanket, and I saw it of the the sopranosand I saw wire And I didn’t leave my couch. It was very different.”

This time, not only did Lorde manage the baby, but she continued to work throughout her pregnancy. She jokingly called herself a “mental person” as she reflected on the busy past few months.

“i did American Horror Storyand then I closed this other film that I shot in London,” she said.

However, maintaining such a busy filming schedule was “tough”. The correctness of the book The actress said that working while giving birth to her child was an extra special experience.

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“I had to do this movie… it was so special and incredible, and I was pregnant in it, and it was such an amazing experience and I’m so excited for my baby to see me in it. ” Lorde said of her latest project, And Mrs.which closed in London this past fall.

Lorde first revealed her baby bump at the London premiere in September ticket to heavenposing next to Riddell with her hands on her belly.

Later, at the LA premiere In the film, Lorde joked that after the job she was pregnant with, she would have no excuse for having a baby.

“If they ever say they don’t want to do their homework, I tell them, ‘Watch this movie. I was pregnant with you for 9,000 years. You have a great work ethic,'” she told the crowd. She told the crowd. “If that doesn’t give you a good work ethic, I don’t know what will.”


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