Brian Korienek, Vice President of Wealth Management at Goldstone Financial Group, Featured in IdeaMensch Magazine

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Vice President of Wealth Management at Goldstone Financial Group, Brian Korienek

Brian Korienek is the Vice President of Wealth Management at Goldstone Financial Group

OAKBROOK TERRACE, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, January 1, 2023 / — Brian Korienek is a partner at Goldstone Financial Group, where he also serves as Vice President of Wealth Management. He was recently featured in IdeaMensch Magazine. IdeaMensch is an interview platform for entrepreneurs, creators, and creators. Its purpose is to inspire action through the curation of daily interviews and content. It has conducted more than 6,000 interviews with entrepreneurs, visionaries, and nonprofit leaders. Brian Korienk is a renowned financial expert known for his insight into wealth management. Korienek helps his clients achieve their financial independence and develop strategies for a rewarding retirement by focusing on risk management and wealth preservation.

In the interview, Mr. Korienek shares his thoughts on many topics about entrepreneurship and finance, including where the idea for Goldstone Financial Group came from, what his typical day looks like and how he makes it productive, as well as how he. brings ideas to life. About how he makes a typical day productive, Mr. Korienek commented:

“My typical day starts with an early morning check on the news and markets. I check for any changes and updates that may affect my clients’ investments, retirement accounts or general financial picture. From there I usually have several meetings scheduled with current or future clients throughout the day to discuss their needs, goals and objectives to create solutions to better ensure their future. In between meetings, I set aside some time for myself to stay up-to-date on industry trends as well as new strategies and technologies that help improving the client experience. By staying ahead of the curve on these topics, I can provide greater value to my clients by using new methods that have not yet been explored. others.

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Brian Korienek goes on to discuss what trend in the financial industry has inspired him, a habit that has made him more productive as an entrepreneur, and what advice he would give to his younger self. Mr. explained. Korienek on how being organized helps him be productive:

“One trait that I believe has been instrumental in my success as an entrepreneur is the ability to stay organized. Being organized allows me to prioritize tasks, stay on top of deadlines and have better control in my time. It helps me avoid overwhelm and allows me to be more effective with less effort. Plus, staying organized gives me a better understanding of how all the pieces fit together to make me to think through strategies more efficiently and identify areas for improvement or growth. Keeping everything in line also helps ensure that no important details are overlooked or overlooked when make decisions that save a lot of time and energy in the long run.”

After talking about something he always does and recommends everyone do, Brian Korienek also tells about a failure he had as an entrepreneur and how he overcame it, describing which software and web services helps him be productive, and recommends a basic investment book that everyone should read. When asked about a strategy that helped develop their business at Goldstone Financial Group, Mr. Korienek said, “One strategy that has been particularly effective for me and my business is to form partnerships with other organizations. By establishing relationships with businesses, organizations and individuals in related industries, I have been able to I have synergies that benefit both parties. For example, by connecting clients of Goldstone Financial Group with companies that can provide them with additional services such as tax planning or estate planning, I am able to offer my clients a more comprehensive set of services while also providing a valuable source of new business for affiliated companies. This strategy has enabled Goldstone Financial Group to grow our client base and expand our offerings no need to invest a lot of money in marketing or sales efforts.

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About Brian Korienek, Vice President of Wealth Management at Goldstone Financial Group

Brian Korienek is a partner and vice president of wealth management at Goldstone Financial Group. He holds a Series 7 and 66 license as well as an Illinois life and health insurance license and serves as a fiduciary advisor. Fox 32 Chicago and the Securing Your Financial Future radio show on WLS 890AM featured Korienek. Prior to accepting his current job as Vice President of Wealth Management at Goldstone Financial Group, Korienek worked there for over nine years as a Senior Associate Advisor. Before joining Goldstone Financial Group, he worked as a Financial Advisor for McAdam Financial Group and as an analyst for an agricultural company at the Chicago Board of Trade.

Brian Korienek began his career after obtaining his Bachelor of Business Management from Depaul University in a role that required numerical analysis related to commodity pricing. Despite the fact that Korienek enjoys his job, he knows that he can be more productive in a position that allows him to communicate with clients directly. He should work for a company that will allow him the freedom and resources to provide the best service to his customers.

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Goldstone Financial Group’s professionals are Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) and hold themselves to a higher level of accountability than non-fiduciary advisors. They are required by law to prioritize the needs of their clients rather than following a predetermined list of company products. They are expected to use any available financial resources to help their clients achieve their goals. Korienek helps his clients achieve their financial independence and develop strategies for a rewarding retirement by focusing on risk management and wealth preservation.

Brian Korienek supports various social initiatives that are very important to him and his family. He actively supports groups including the American Cancer Society, I understand Love Heals, and the Alzheimer’s Association. In addition to this, Korienek helps many local and national non-profit organizations because of the partnerships established by Goldstone Financial Group with various charitable groups. In his free time, Korienek enjoys traveling with his wife. He also loves a good round of golf, whether it’s with friends or clients, and he regularly explores the Chicago dining scene.

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