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Celebrate Black History Month with an artist decal series photo

Join us as Rocket League Celebrate Black History Month in February! we throw Three free bundles Throughout the month, the item shop celebrates the work of talented black artists with every bundle.

The first artist is Geneva Bowers, who has amazing artwork Sunny decal. Her stunning designs are also featured in the match Frontier of Sunni incarnation and Sunny Player Banner. Stay tuned—the next two free bundle drops will be announced on our blog and social media throughout the month.

Get the Sunya by Geneva Bowers Bundle through the game’s Black History Month tab until February 28th!

Sunya by Geneva Bower Bundle (Free)

  • Sunny decal

  • Frontier of Sunni incarnation

  • Sunny Player Banner


Meet the artist

Geneva Bowers Taking over the world with his art through comics, children’s books, and now soccer! Mixing dynamic concepts with ethereal colors, her mystical images breathe life into everyday scenarios. During our collaboration, we took a moment to ask her a few questions about her art and her story.

the question Can you take us through your journey and how you developed a career in the art industry?

A. I will start in college. I quit after a year for several reasons. I was not good at anything except painting. But because it was all I could do, I was adamant about making a career in art. After reading a random user’s answer on a now-dead forum on the Internet, I discovered that you Don’t have a “need” for art. So I learned online from youtube and blogs to get good enough to be “workable”. Happened to do! I still tried to improve my image and general skills after work. After a few years, the image of freedom that I do on the side began to overlap with my job, so I decided to completely free. Opted for. It has worked ever since.

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Geneva.jpgJourney, Lucid Blade, and Grace by Geneva Bowers

the question Many of your artworks combine the mystical. Can you talk about your relationship with magic in the world?

A. Most of my art is just “what-if”. What if this lightning tower was the same, but with a dragon on it? What if this window was the same…but with a dragon in it? What if everyone was just, I don’t know, slapped and slapped in the 90s? We all have a daily routine that we have to go through that can be chaotic, and I’m very inspired by the general concept, so it kind of comes together.

the question As a huge fan of the magical girl genre, I couldn’t help but ask about your webcomic, HoverGirls. What motivated you to take on such a long-term project?

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A. I’ve wanted to do a comic for a while, so I’m grateful for the idea for HG! I grew up on VHS Magical Girls tapes and love poking at tropes, so this webcomic was a great vehicle to steal from the anime and show that love. HG has also been picked up for publication by Bloomsbury next year (2024), with about 40% more story and basically all the artwork redone. The webcomic will always be online, though.

Also, a side note: as someone who draws a lot of books and covers mostly for teenagers, I really want there to be a story where the story isn’t just about a black person or a person of color. For lack of a better phrase, there are many “black struggle” stories/major plot points that are important, yes, but I’ve rarely seen or been assigned to anything that was just a story where the main characters were POC or is happening Black and it wasn’t centered around that fact. The characters in HG only move in their established traits, and that’s the stupid situation they’re forced into.

keyboard12.jpgArtist Geneva Bowers

the question What do you think about video games as an interactive art form?

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A. Games are an incredible art form. It combines many senses, and you can relate to all of them! I especially appreciate the PS1/PS2 era games, with all the tricks that this package of sensor art pulled to render in such a tight data/space. You can tell when something just has a lot of love and thought put into it.

Q. Different people are attracted to different types of games. Is there a game genre that you find really speaks to you?

A. Rogolics and Rogolites. I can’t get enough. Randomization, restarts, corners, and loot are the ultimate dopamine hit for me. I immediately eat any other game of a different genre that has roguelike elements.

Q: What impact do you want your art to have on the world?

A. I just want people to be happy. There’s a lot going on all the time. So I just want people to see self-representation and maybe feel a little more relaxed for the day.

We hope you enjoy Genova’s artwork in Rocket League! Be sure to check out her Instagram and shop. Now, grab her free stuff bundle and keep your eyes peeled for our next artist feature coming this month.


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