Chinese boy watches TV ‘too much,’ gets punished with all-night TV binge

An eight-year-old Chinese boy in central China’s Hunan province was forced to watch TV all night by his parents as punishment for not doing his homework and watching too much TV.

The boy’s parents asked him to finish his homework Go to bed at 8:30 pm When they left the house, the boy chose to watch TV instead of doing his chores and taking a bath.

A time stamp on CCTV footage from the family’s home indicates when the incident took place. On November 11.

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When his parents arrived home, the boy fell asleep immediately, but his parents saw that he had not completed his homework and dragged him out of the room to punish him. He stayed up all night watching TV, and at first he seemed calm, until around 2:00 a.m. he started crying.

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He tried to go back to his room to sleep, but his mother grabbed him and pushed him back to the couch to watch more TV. His parents were reportedly turned away from seeing the boy, who was only allowed to go to bed at 5am.

The story sparked debate on Chinese social media, with some commenters criticizing the parents’ punishment and others sharing similar experiences.

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One user commented, “I had a similar experience. Our 3-year-old son, who is a KFC lover, ate hamburgers and chicken for three days, now his enthusiasm has waned.

The punishment was severe and what would happen if the boy got into the habit of waking up late? Bill wrote.

Strict parents – sometimes called Tiger breeding – Seen by some parents as model citizens to raise their children.

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Tiger motherhood can continue even after adulthood. A 22-year-old woman’s story came to light in June after she revealed her mother was making her Take a breath test When he comes home from a night out with friends.

While tiger parents can sometimes It leads to success later in lifea group Researchers from the University of Leuven A study in Belgium found that a harsh parenting environment can lead to depression later in a child’s life.

Illustrated image via 趣事大赏

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