Christian Slater Willow Character Is From Imaginary Movie Sequel

Slater's Battle of the Willows

Christian Slater is finally at Willow
picture: Lucasfilm

Christian Slater is part of Disney+ to say Easily one of the most charming things about the series. Slater’s career was long Decades and includes some of our most beloved movies and shows. He is the kind of player who, If they are in a project, immediately you like more about it. However, before this week – and finally Half the season is over– The player has not yet made his debut.

It was replaced with “Skillen Prisoners”. which not only featured Slater, but also featured him in a key role related to the original story to say Movie with this new show. A few weeks ago, I spoke with io9 to say Showrunner Jon Kasdan told us why Slater was cast, and what the role means to the series.

The image for the article title is Christian Slater's Willow character from a fictional sequel we never got to see.

In the episode, Slater plays Algash, a friend of Val Clymer’s character Madmartigan, who joins him on an epic adventure to recover a legendary suit of armor called the Cimmerian Cuirass. The pair, along with Madmartigan’s guardian Bowerman (Amar Chadha-Patel), have been searching for the cuirass for three years, leading them to the grave of Vigilheim on the Troll Mountain of Skellen. Madmartigan entered the tomb, never to return, and Allagash told the trolls that he was Madmartigan so that his friends could continue their quest without being pursued.

Sounds like a fun movie, right? Well, that’s what Kasdan had in mind when playing the lead role.

“The idea immediately, once we saw where we were going with it, [is] Here’s a movie you’ve never seen. Kasdan told io9. “It came out in 1992 and that was it The Adventures of Madmartigan And this Madmartigan led a band of adventurers on a brave quest. And we thought, ‘Who’s going to be in this movie?’ And Christian was the first name that popped into our head.

It was here that Kasdan would have given Slater a heart-to-heart. “The first thing I said to Christian when I finally got him on the phone was what I told you,” Kasdan said. “And he said, ‘Absolutely, man, I’d be in that movie in a heartbeat.’

Slater in armor

Slater in Cuirass.
picture: Lucasfilm

“What’s amazing about Christian is that he has a real love for the genre,” Kasdan continues. “He loves this kind of adventure story. He loves it Star Wars, he loves insults and villains, and he is waiting to play. So it was kind of a surprise when that role came up and we wanted someone to fill in some of the gaps about what happened to Madmartigan and what that quest would be. But the first and most obvious thing about it was that this man was not going to be someone we could trust. He must be a true thief and double-dealer and out for himself in every way. And that was the second thing I explained to Christian. And he was even more into it because he does it naturally.

Slater is excellent in the episode, portraying this duplicitous, arrogant but ultimately selfless man who, we think, might sacrifice himself for the other heroes. We’ll have to wait and see if he survives or not but, either way, Slater on to say It is a great sign of the season.

We’ll have more from Kasdan and his cast as we approach the season finale. The first six parts to sayIncluding Slater, are now on Disney+

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