Cindy’s Market

Cindy’s Market – TARLAC CITY – Cindy’s Bakery and Restaurant officially opened its first concept store at Citywalk on Wednesday.

A simple ribbon-cutting and blessing ceremony was held on Tuesday, graced by Governor Susan Yap, Mayor Christy Angeles, production manager Cindy John Chua and Benigno Ng Chua.

Cindy’s Market

Left to right: Mayor Christy Angeles, Production Manager Cindy Jon Chua, Governor Susan Yap and Benigno Ng Chua during the July 6 ribbon cutting ceremony. Add a picture.

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According to Jon Chua, despite the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, they plan to continue with the construction of the first concept store because it is also an opportunity to take their time and capture the right market through the younger generations like Cindy’s. it has also evolved over time.

“In fact, the naka plan before the pandemic. There is no turning back e. The pandemic was an opportunity for us to make it better as we took time, at least in hindi minadali. So this is the fifth edition,” Chua said.

“We started as a boarding house, but then we went bankrupt. We have to adapt to technology and equipment. We are already planning to copy our other stores and turn them into concept stores to attract the younger generations.”

Serving “good food in a good place” since 1972, Cindy’s has been serving customers for nearly 50 years, from specialty cakes and pastries like ensaymada, rolls and buns, to classic merenda favorites like burgers and fried chicken. , and pancit palabok.

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Serve good food in a good place. Cindy’s Bakeshop Bakery and Restaurant offers classic merenda favorites. Photo: Joann Manabat

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With more than 60 bakeries and 120 bakers and retailers nationwide, Cindy’s plans to extend the store concept to all of its stores to create a new atmosphere and bring its favorite classics and latest products to every Filipino family.

Located at Citywalk, Zamora St., Tarlac City, Cindy’s Bakery and Restaurant is open daily from 7am. to 7:00 p.m. Located on the north shore of Lake Erie in the charming Victorian town of Kingsville, Cindy’s Home & Garden is the area’s premier garden. center and gift shop. From its humble beginnings as a greenhouse that opened in 1989, Cindy’s Home & Garden has grown into a 10,000-square-foot gift and garden store, including an active seasonal garden center. When people first walk into Cindy’s, they are amazed at how spacious and beautiful the store is. From the actual pile of mulberry root hanging from the 16-foot ceilings to the stone floors, Cindy’s takes shopping to a whole new level. Open year-round, Cindy’s attributes its success to friendly service, quality, value and uniqueness.

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Cindy’s Bakery And Restaurant

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