City of Madison approves first arts and entertainment district | News

It will join downtown Madison, including restaurants and Toyota Field

The city of Madison is opening its first “arts and entertainment” district. Boomingtown Madison will soon be a place to enjoy a meal, grab a drink and walk around with an open container.

The new district is similar to the five arts and entertainment districts in Huntsville, where people can walk around with purple mugs. Madison Ordinance describes the new cup as a “key green” color, which Mayor Paul Finley said is an homage to the city’s “plant your roots” motto.

“Being Madison’s first entertainment district is huge,” said Lindsay Knopp, CEO of Rocket City Trish Pandas.

There’s nothing like enjoying a beer at the ballpark. Now, people in Madison can grab their beer at Toyota Field and enjoy everything downtown Madison has to offer.

“Come to the ballpark, you can buy a drink, buy a green cup, watch a few innings of the game, go to dinner, come back,” Knopp said.

Spanning more than 120 acres, Madison’s new arts and entertainment district already has more than 10 restaurants, with six more coming soon.

“If you drive here you look around, and I feel like there’s a new restaurant, a new business opening every day,” Knopp said.

“It’s great to get out here now, ahead of everything that’s going on. You know, being organized and established in this area with how much it’s going to grow in the next six months to a year,” Taylor Berger said. Prohibition

Prohibition is one of the newest restaurants in the area. Soon, people will be able to grab a drink in a green cup and bar hop from Prohibition to J Alexander.

“Any kind of business will help generate sales, and like I said, whether it’s just a quick beer in a cup to go, or you know like I said you come in and have a drink, maybe you Eating wasn’t planned and then you add and just keep growing by adding more drinks,” Berger said.

Mayor Paul Finley said Madison has wanted an entertainment district for some time, but they needed a center with at least four businesses with alcohol licenses to qualify.

“We’ve always known Town Madison, it’s probably our number one entertainment district, and it’s exciting to see it come to fruition,” Finley said.

The Town of Madison Recreation District now goes to the ABC Board for final approval. The mayor expects the entertainment district to open in early 2023.


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