Donald Trump news today: White House visitor logs uncovered in Jan 6 probe as Trump dismisses DeSantis

‘Meet the Press’ anchor reveals the ‘most powerful person’ who shaped the 2024 election

Donald Trump has issued a warning to Ron DeSantis if the Florida Governor decides to run against him in the 2024 presidential race.

Speaking on the conservative podcast “The Water Cooler” on Monday, Mr. Trump said he had heard that “Mr. DeSantis might want to run” against him.

“We’ll deal with that the way I handle things,” he said, without revealing exactly what he meant.

The former president also continued to speak out on his Truth Social platform on Monday about the parallel investigations into the discovery of large amounts of classified material at his Mar-a-Lago home and the discovery of a small number of classified documents from President Joe Biden. time as vice president of his home and an office he once used.

In his latest statement, he hit out at what he called the “HOAX BOX” and described the probe into seizing classified documents – as well as probing his role in the January 6 Capitol riot – “a Gestapo type operation”.

Meanwhile, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani has spoken out to reveal that Mr Trump once advised him to take classified documents home with him.


Trump administration visitor logs show who was in the White House before January 6

White House visitor logs from the Trump administration were deliberately hidden from the former president while he was in office. However, a selection covering important dates before the Capitol riot has emerged among supporting documents related to the January 6 House select committee investigation.

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The entry spreadsheet covers seven full days of White House guest posting – December 12,14, 18, 21, 2020, and January 3, 4, 5, 2021.

While not exhaustive, the logs show who visited 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where they went in the building (the West Wing, the Oval Office, the residence), and who they met with President Donald Trump at the time.

It’s an eclectic mix of political and non-political figures, Fox New personalities, donors, governors, and familiar faces from the Capitol riot investigation.

Oliver Connell17 January 2023 16:00


Newly disclosed visitor logs show who was visiting Trump before the Capitol riot

John Bowden reports from Washington, DC.

Oliver Connell18 January 2023 08:45


Trump to join Graham, McMaster at first public campaign event

Former President Donald Trump will be joined by two of his most high-profile supporters from South Carolina – US Sen. Lindsey Graham and Gov. Henry McMaster – at the first public campaign event for his 2024 White House bid later this month in the early voting state.

Oliver Connell18 January 2023 06:45


Boebert and Greene got into a big fight in the bathroom during the speaker vote

The Republican congress was on the other side of the fight against the GOP speaker. Ms. Greene consistently supported Kevin McCarthy, who eventually won the award, while Ms. Boebert opposed him.

Multiple sources said The everyday beast on January 3, the first day of the new Congress, that Ms. Greene and Ms. Boebert were engaged in a screaming match in the women’s bathroom in the Speaker’s lobby.

Eric Garcia the story is.

Oliver Connell18 January 2023 04:45


Ivana Trump donated a $1m condo to her ex-wife in her will

Ivana Trump, the ex-wife of Donald Trump, left an estate worth an estimated $34m when she died last July, willing to give her children Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Trump, Jr, a $26.5m townhouse in New York City, and bring a Florida condo worth over $1m with his former nanny.

The former president, meanwhile, got nothing, according to him Forbeswho reported on the contents of the probate documents.

The reported snub is no surprise.

Oliver Connell18 January 2023 03:45


Hacker Guccifer who infiltrated Clinton and Bush emails slams DC ‘hypocrisy’

The famous Romanian hacker known as Guccifer, who managed to break into the online correspondence of the Bush and Clinton political dynasties, fueling years of right-wing conspiracies, has declared his project a “failure”, according to his first interview with the US since his retirement. prison in 2021.

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Oliver Connell18 January 2023 02:45


Sarah Huckabee Sanders avoids Trump 2024 endorsement

In an interview on Fox News on On Sunday, Shannon Bream questioned Ms Sanders whether she plans to support Mr Trump, who she served as White House Press Secretary before 2020.

Stuti Mishra the story is.

Oliver Connell18 January 2023 01:45


Schiff calls for a threat assessment of Biden’s handling of classified papers

Longtime Trump foe Adam Schiff says the handling of classified documents found at the home office and former office of President Joe Biden must be assessed to see if US national security is at risk.

Oliver Connell18 January 2023 00:45


Who is the most powerful person heading into the 2024 election cycle?

The political fate of President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump hinges on special counsel investigations led by Mr. Garland.

Oliver Connell17 January 2023 23:45


Graham and McMaster to join Trump at first public campaign event

Former President Donald Trump will be joined by two of his most high-profile supporters from South Carolina – US Senator Lindsey Graham and Governor Henry McMaster – at the first public campaign event for his 2024 White House bid later this month in early voting state.

Oliver Connell17 January 2023 22:45


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