Elevator Action Returns S-Tribute launches December 1

Elevator Action Returns S-Tribute will launch digitally for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC via Steam on December 1, publisher City Connection has announced. It will support English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and traditional Chinese language options.

Here’s an overview of the game, via City Connection:


Elevator Action Returns was originally published as a 2D side-scrolling shooter by TAITO in 1995. This game is a remake of the home console version published by Bing in 1997.

Choose one of three special forces members – Kart Bradfield, Edie Burret or Jad the Taff – then start the game. Grab data from all the red doors, then escape the stage.

When each stage is cleared, players will also be able to play the first game in the series, Action of Elevator (single player only).


  • Press the fire button near an enemy to initiate close combat with bare hands instead of shooting. Perform continuous attacks by pressing the fire button twice when playing as Kart, or by pressing the fire button and immediately pressing the jump button when playing as Edie or Jad. The score is doubled when an enemy is defeated with unarmed attacks.
  • There are many targets to shoot on each stage. Some items are hidden, and some roll and damage enemies. Points can also be earned by breaking items in stages, so break lots of items. Destroying fluorescent lights or switch panels will turn off the lights on a floor for a period of time, during which points earned are doubled.
  • Lifts can be used for movement, as well as attacks. Throw a subweapon into an elevator, then move it to make a ranged attack on an enemy, or use the elevator to crush enemies. Be careful, because it is also possible to damage the player.

Convenient Features and Optional Settings Only Available in S-Tribute

  • rewind – Rewind the gameplay at a certain time and start over.
  • Slow Mode – Slow game tempo down with one button press.
  • Quick Save / Load – Save game state at any time.
  • Unlimited Credits – The limit on the number of continuations can be disabled, allowing infinite continuations.
  • Stage Selection – The game can be started from any stage.
  • Increased Healing – Increase the amount of damage healed by acquiring healing items.
  • lives – Player character lives can be increased up to nine lives.
  • Sub-Weapons Buttons – Subweapons are usually used by pressing the fire button and jump button at the same time, but this can be set to any other single button.
  • Change the Amount of Damage – You can change the amount of damage you will receive when the enemy hits you.
  • Holding the Same Weapon – You can keep your machine gun or rocket launcher if it still holds bullets to the next level.
  • Scan Lines – Emulates the nostalgic CRT monitor screen.

Around the S-Tribute a series

Reprints of classics produced and developed by City Connection with the Zebra Motor during the Saturn era. Play a variety of titles with improved controls and new features.

Visit the official website here: English / Japanese.


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