Emo Night Seattle

Emo Night Seattle – With special guests Craig Owens (Cheudos) and Thomas Erak (Fall of Troy), love is definitely in the air at Emo Nite Seattle this Valentine’s Day.

Romantic couples and returning hearts gathered at Seattle’s Chop Suey in the heart of the Capitol Hill neighborhood at the annual Valentine’s Day Emo Nite LA last week. The 21+ 550 person venue is completely sold out and brings together passionate emo music lovers from all over the city.

Emo Night Seattle

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, individuals gathering alone or with groups of friends get a special treat from tonight’s Bumble patron. In addition to the free drinks given to those using the dating app, some participants were also able to take pictures with “Bumble Angels” which really helped to get through the night (it also helped some people have a good night to remember after a while. drinks).

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Emo Nite founders Babs Szabo and T.J. Over the years, Petracca and Morgan Freed (below) have hosted unforgettable nights across the country for those looking to relive the emo era in the new millennium. Seattle Day is a true testament to that, as people of all ages and walks of life flock to Chop Suey to sing along to their favorite songs in a room full of strangers.

Playing hits like Boys Like Girls “Big Big Dream,” Metro Station’s “Shake It,” Sum 41’s Fat Lip, and many more, the Seattle attendees shared more than just a good playlist. Which causes nostalgia. In typical Emo Nite fashion, Chop Suey was honored with two special guests who came out to present a special DJ set.

Craig Owens (Chiodos) was the first special guest of the night, playing a set that included songs from Save the Day, My Chemical Romance, and of course Chiodos. Since Craig Owens was the first emo slut for many in the crowd that night, myself included, his presence in the venue raised the energy to an all-time high.

He joined Owens shortly after Thomas Erak of the progressive metal band The Fall of Troy. Hailing from the city of Mukilteo just north of Seattle, Iraq he received a warm welcome in his hometown when he appeared on stage, making his debut with Fall of Troy’s “IDF.A.R.”

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Continuing into the early hours of Saturday morning, Emo Nite had another successful night in Seattle last week. From the clean tape to the out-of-body experience during MCR’s “The Black Parade” (it has a new meaning now, you know?), it’s easy to imagine that everyone in attendance had a night they’ll remember (or experience via poor SnapChat videos) for a very long time.

Whether they arrive with a significant other or a group of friends, love is definitely in the air this Valentine’s Day, thanks to the fans and loved ones who help keep the emo scene alive for years to come. Hear “Sunday Loopback, Fall Boy, Panic!” At The Disco, My Chemical Romance and many others all play only their best songs, all night long!!! The folks at Emo Night Tour give you just that. All singing, dancing, jumping, shouting…well all EMO! The Emo Night DJ hosts will shake off any worries you’ll want to wrap around your teenage trash bag all night long and a special guest crew will bring you emo covers that will make you feel like you’re in Warped Tour ’08 minus all the dust and melted sun! The events on this trip are huge, you don’t want to sleep on this one…so be sure to tell all your drunk friends, come on!

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Say something about this article. If you add it to multiple lists, the note will be added to all lists. You can always change later! It was not long after that when a potential lawsuit hit the promoters across the country for giving them “Emo Night”. Some people in Los Angeles decided to trademark the words “emo” and basically put the brand on a night club playing punk and post-hardcore pop from the beginning. In short, the courts have ruled that these people cannot trademark the full name of the genre, they have an event called “Emo Nite” and other emo nights around the country continue in peace and harmony.

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Marcus Leonardo wanted to start such a night and he found a very simple way to avoid the emo controversy – he changed the name. Sad As Fuck Sunday It’s a weeknight at the Bottle and Barlow where you play the same song in high school that calls you a “spectacle kid.”

“What brought you back,” said Leonardo. “All this music makes sense to you. You can enjoy these concerts and still dance.”

About — Snap Denver

Nostalgia has been a hit for years for clubs and bars with events in Sacramento catering to fans of 80s pop, Motown and even reggae and rocksteady “OG”. It seemed like a matter of time before emo and indie rock had their club nights and started packing the bars.

However, these violent nights do not always have a long life. To continue these events, they need someone who is still deep into the scene and the music. That’s why Sacramento is lucky to have Leonardo, an emo therapist, and partner Gina Roberts.

Leonardo says he grew up in the emo scene when he lived in Los Angeles, was in bands like Roses for Ophelia and went on the Warped Tour covering vocals for Scary Kids Scary Kids. This knowledge and experience of the fan base at the beginning of the emo heyday helped Leonardo launch his own Emo Night for his second birthday.

Another factor that contributes to the success of Emo Night in Sacramento is Leonardo’s ability to avoid becoming monotonous. Sure, if you go to The Press Club on the last Thursday of the month, you’ll hear “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance. But there was also a live music section at night which started playing soon. Leonardo has expanded the brand into the Emo Night Tour, which travels up and down the West Coast. When you are on a trip, you are more than nervous! At the disco they are connected through the club’s sound system; The tour was a full show with the Emo Night Tour Band, which consisted of Leonardo on vocals, Stephen Hendry of Drop Dead Red on guitar, Casey Sims on bass and Clay Wolery on drums doing many covers. They also had local bands join them including Seafloor Cinema, Vinnie Guidera, Dead Birds and Eugene Ugly. Seafloor Cinemas will be joining the Emo Night Tour of Portland and Seattle on their next tour.

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These life experiences take place in Sacramento at Holy Diver, but our monthly night is at The Press Club.

The word “emo” may cause some controversy, which some readers have already circulated while reading this article. Basically, are the bands you expect to hear at Emo Night (Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Take Back Sunday, to name a few) actually emo? If you are an emo fan and succumb to the love of the Promise Ring, then Leonardo has some ideas for you.

Leonardo said] early. “You don’t get the chest lottery at 11:30; from 8 to 9 or from 9 to 10, that’s rubbish.”

People in Sacramento have been celebrating emotional pop with Leonardo for three years, two of them under the banner of Emo Night. He has some plans to make the upcoming anniversary one of their biggest nights yet.

City Hall Pres. Animal Picnic

Last year, for the event’s first birthday, the special guests were Matt Mingus of Dance Gavin Dance. The group also features some live performances from Eugene Ogli’s community with the Wolves.

Leonardo also has many plans for his party on January 12 at the Holy Diver. Tonight’s DJ will include Emo Night DJs Hunter Chollet, Jenna Roberts, Tony Pitkin, Salvador Fernandez and Adam Jay. The rest of these details are not ready to be announced, but Leonardo wants you to know that it will make his little one happy.

It’s hard to ignore the impact nights like this have on the music scene

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