Fitness entrepreneur Kayla Itsines announces the birth of her second child, Jax Stokes Woodroffe

Welcoming a baby boy is a dream come true for Kayla Itsines and her fiance Jay Woodroffe. And cute alert: they are as in love as ever.

We’ve been waiting for the New Year to welcome Sweat training app co-founder and social-media star Kayla Itsines’ baby with her fiance Jay Woodroffe into the world, since they dropped the hashtag #DueJanuary2023 on us last July. And finally, the moment has come.

A big congratulations to the couple who welcomed their first son, named Jax Stokes Woodroffe.

The little boy came into the world on January 5th, and it was a relatively quick delivery, with Itsines being admitted to the hospital at 6:30am and Jax being hugged and weighed by the nurses at 8:00am: 45 in the morning.

This is the fitness entrepreneur’s second child, and his three-year-old daughter Arna, soon to be four in April, is reportedly already an adoring big sister.

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Itsines added that Jax’s birth was special, like his coronation, a ‘random playlist’ in the hospital played Jae’s father’s funeral song on the speakers.

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“I heard Jae say at the same time “It’s a boy!!!!!”. I cried, he cried and we met our baby BOY,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Healthy and quiet and for Arna… even though she said she wouldn’t if she was a boy… she absolutely LOVES him!!! I have so many pictures to share with you all!! Take care. “

A special welcome for Baby Jax

The internet has been in full celebration mode, with Itsines’ 15 million followers sending love and well wishes to the couple and Arna.

Sister Leah Itsines shared, “My little love. I can’t wait to buy you a drum set my honey pieeeeeeeee I love you so much already.”

Martha Kalifatidis of MAFS, who herself is currently expecting wrote, “Omg. what a story and what a coming! Congratulations she’s perfect!”

Meanwhile fellow Aussie fitness entrepreneur, Steph Claire Smith, wrote, “Congratulations to the both of you. Welcome to the world Jax.”

A new beginning with a new bond of happiness

It’s been a big year for Kayla Itsines and Jae Woodroffe. The couple officially debuted their relationship in January 2022, announced their engagement and pregnancy within a week of July and now hold baby Jax in their arms twelve months later.

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This new happiness comes after the entrepreneur announced her divorce from Arna’s father, business partner and ex-fiancé, Tobi Pearce in August 2020, with whom she founded SWEAT (formerly Bikini Body Guides) in 2014.

Woodroffe, who became a biological father for the first time, has been a supportive and loving father to Arna, regularly posting cute and loving pictures of himself, Itsines, and Arna as they enjoy life in Adelaide. According to The AdvertiserWoodroffe works for SA Living Solutions, a non-profit organization that provides accommodation to people in need.

An inspired pregnancy

Itsines launched a pregnancy and postpartum exercise program on the Sweat platform during her pregnancy with Jax, which caters to women who try the “mum juggle,” to take care of themselves while also take care of their growing families.

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Her pregnancy has inspired her to share how she stays active, which she admits is essential to her mental health, including the changes she’s made to her workouts to ensure she stays active, safely.

It’s not the first time Itsines has felt empowered to help other women take care of themselves; It also prompted her to open up about her own private battle with endometriosis, in the hopes of encouraging other women to prioritize their health when something goes wrong.

Itsines was diagnosed with endometriosis in her 20s and has since had two surgeries to manage the condition. Itsines previously expressed how relieved she was to find out she could get pregnant while suffering from endometriosis, and how grateful she was to her body for supporting her despite her struggles with endometriosis.

If you really want to go in for a tear jerker, you have to watch this absolutely adorable video of big sister Arna meeting her new brother. This is a special time for this beautiful family unit!


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