For the love of homemade coffee

Wonderchef Regalia Coffee Capsule Machine Review: For the love of homemade coffee

It was in Thomas Jefferson – one of the founders of the United States – who said that “coffee is the favorite drink of the civilized world.” It’s true because coffee is drunk everywhere – especially early in the morning. And if you are a coffee person, then you know the importance of a good morning coffee. But, most of the time, the coffee that ends up being made at home is instant coffee, which is not as memorable as the one we can get from popular coffee chains. However, preparing them at home is something that requires a lot of effort, expensive equipment such as a coffee grinder and a large and bulky coffee machine.

It looks like Wonderchef has a solution to that with its newly launched Regalia Coffee Capsule Machine. The idea is simple, take a capsule, put it in the capsule chamber, fill the clock chamber and leave the rest on the machine.

But, it is not as simple as it sounds. A good coffee maker knows its trick to make a good one expresso shot or milk and if you have a taste for coffee then a sip is enough to decide if it is good or not.

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We tried the Wonderchef Regalia Coffee Capsule Machine for a few days and here is our final thought on it.

Setup and brewing
As simple as it can be, the regalia capsule coffee machine is a plug-and-play coffee machine. Just take it out of the box, plug it in, fill the water tank, put the capsule in and you’re ready. Now, having used a few different types of coffee makers, we can say that this is one of the simplest settings for any coffee maker.

Once everything is in place, simply press one of the brewing modes above. The Regalia has three beer modes – Risteretto, Expresso and Lungo. Press the one you want and the machine will start the brewing process. The machine first heats the water and takes time in its first run. After that everything is just quick. Place the pods, press the button and take the coffee. This is it.

For those who don’t know, a Ristretto is a highly concentrated espresso coffee, while a Lungo is an espresso with more water.

We tested all three modes and found each to work as expected. We loved the expressive shots it made – rich and frothy like we get in top quality expensive coffee chains.

One thing you should know is that coffee is usually expensive and that also applies to the coffee capsules here. You have many options of coffee capsules available from various coffee chains such as Starbucks, Lavazza, Davidoff, etc. But all are expensive. Usually, a pack of 10 coffee capsules costs Rs 800 or more. That’s one big thing to remember here. However, the coffee we get is money well spent.

Now, we talked about the functionality of the machine. However, there are a few things one should know about the Regalia capsule coffee machine. For starters, the fit and finish and material used are high quality, solid and stable on a flat surface. Moreover, the devices and mechanisms are properly designed and effortless. For example, the capsule chamber mechanism has proper hydraulic feedback during opening and closing. Similarly, the water chamber fits wells and doesn’t wobble or feel like it’s falling off. The same applies to the used pod collector that can be removed from the front.

Taste and preparation
Good coffee is as good as the express shot and this is where the Regalia capsule coffee machine shines. The express shots really taste good and smell refreshing. Once you have the express shot, you can either drink it as if you are a black coffee lover or you can add milk to make latte, cappuccino, etc. The machine also comes with a milk frother. Boil some milk and use the frother to create frothy milk and then mix it into the express shot to your liking. Also the frother works well and we managed to create a good tasty cappuccino with it.

The Regalia capsule coffee machine costs 11,999 rupees and for this price, it offers a simple to use layout and easy operations. The express shots are also rich and delicious and there is no denying the fact that if you are a coffee lover, then the Regalia capsule coffee maker is a worthy choice as you are willing to invest in expensive coffee capsules.



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