Friend of Julian Sands, who has hiked ‘incredibly hard’ Mt. Baldy with Sands, calls actor ‘extremely advanced’

Mount Baldy is a “fun hike” in winter conditions, but Lost actor Julian Sands is a “very advanced hiker,” a friend of the actor told Fox News Digital on Thursday.

“It’s been a wonderful trip with this weather,” said actor Kevin Ryan, who first met Sands while they were shooting a series together called “Crossbones.” Ryan has done the ascent “multiple times” and twice in the winter.

“You’re talking about six to eight to nine hours to get to the summit,” Ryan added. “And when it’s cold, it’s very challenging. I know Julian is a very advanced hiker and very strong-willed. He’s very, very fit. And we’re keeping strong that this will be a positive return for him.”

However, Ryan noted that with California’s “very cold, wet weather” this year, it is likely to hamper search efforts on the mountain.

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Kevin Ryan, Sam said, Julian Sands introduced him to Mount Baldy.

Kevin Ryan, Sam said, Julian Sands introduced him to Mount Baldy.
(David Livingston/Getty Images/Fox News Digital)

“I think the weather conditions are a big part of it, why they can’t get to some areas,” Ryan said, adding that the snow can be deep.

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On Wednesday afternoon, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said the search for River would continue by air only, adding that searchers were using RECCO technology that can detect reflective materials, electronics and sometimes credit cards. do

Ryan said he was hopeful that rescuers would find Sands, 65, alive, after 75-year-old hiker Jane Chang, who went missing two days earlier, was found. Sand has been missing for 13 days

Chang “suffered air-related injuries and a leg injury, but was able to evacuate with the help of crew members,” the department said.

Ryan told Fox News Digital that “during an event like this where it’s day-in, day-out, hour-by-hour, you’re very concerned, you know, about safe return, but we’re all in it.” We have hope in the situation.

“One of the things, like I said, is how advanced Julian is,” Ryan added. “And he’s a smart guy, and I hope he stays and, you know, survives.”

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Ryan said he last saw Sands a few months ago at Runon Canyon in Los Angeles, where they would often run into each other.

“A funny story, actually,” he said. “I was running down a mountain once, and I tripped and hurt my left leg, and about eight seconds later Julian Sands came around the corner, and I got him safely down the mountain, so He knows what he’s doing.”

He said Sands always goes on a trip prepared with everything he needs in his bag.

“He’s done some serious mountain climbing than me. He’s a more advanced hiker than me. So I’m hoping he’ll be good,” he added.

Actor Julian Sands was identified as the missing hacker in California

Sands’ brother, Nick Sands, was less optimistic in an interview with British newspapers The Telegraph and Argus on Tuesday.

“He hasn’t been declared missing yet – presumed dead – but I know in my heart he’s gone,” Nick said. Nick said. “However, brother rivalry being what it is, it would be like him to go out there and prove me wrong.

“He has an army of friends, fans and admirers who have been wonderful in their support and Jules will be missed.”

Despite the circumstances, Ryan said he still has hope.

“I know how strong [he] is, and I know how smart he is and how prepared he is,” Ryan said. “So, I’m taking it. If anyone can get through it, he can. And that’s all I have to rely on right now. So I am attached to him and praying for him.”

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He also gave his deep love and support to the family.

“It’s a very difficult time for them, and I just want to send them my love,” Ryan said. “I also want to thank all the search party teams, the sheriff’s department and everyone on the ground who have worked tirelessly so far and will continue to do so until they find Julian. “


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