Goals and highlights: America 2-2 Puebla in Liga MX 2023 | 01/21/2023

10:10 PM34 minutes ago

Antony Silva saves for Puebla, the Paraguayan saves Fidalgo’s shot from outside the area.

10:06 PM39 minutes ago

Another 7 minutes are added, we will see if the game stays tied or if there will be a winner.

10:00 PM an hour ago

We are approaching the final stretch, América is looking for the 3rd goal to break the tie and Puebla is pushing to prevent the Eagles from scoring.

9:51 PM an hour ago

Goal with Puebla!
La Franja tied it, Emanuel Gularte scored the equaliser. The game is connected.

9:45 PM an hour ago

Puebla is saved!
Zedenjas shot hits the post and Puebla is saved.

9:43 PM an hour ago

Target for America!
The second goal of the night for the eagles, Zendejas makes a good shot inside the area.

9:37 PM an hour ago

The goal balance!
La Franja ties the game, Gastón Silva scores the goal that gives Puebla hope going into the game.

9:35 PM an hour ago

Puebla is on target!
Mancuello shoots from outside the box, but Oscar saves well.

9:24 PM an hour ago

It was a close call!
They were looking for Henry Martin but the La Franja defense stood firm at the back.

9:00 PM2 hours ago

A penalty kick is not awarded
A player from América falls in the area, but the penalty is not awarded.

8:56 PM2 hours ago

Save Antony!
Antony Silva saves Puebla. America almost scored their second goal.

8:53 PM2 hours ago

America’s goal!
America’s goal, Henry Martin scored the first of the night, a pass from Zedenjas, and Martin chest pound the ball.

8:51 PM2 hours ago

América owns the ball, they don’t lend it to Puebla.

8:39 PM2 hours ago

It was a close call!
Zendejas makes a big play, looking for a teammate, but the Eagles never fail to create danger.

8:34 PM2 hours ago

América dominating the game, La Franja cannot find the space to score the first goal.

8:22 PM2 hours ago

There is no penalty for América, says the referee.

8:20 PM2 hours ago

América are awarded a penalty kick for a corner kick. For handball in the area at Ferrareis.

8:14 PM3 hours ago

The ball is rolling at the Azteca Stadium.

7:47 PM3 hours ago

Oscar Jiménez, Israel Reyes, Néstor Araujo, Emilio Lara, Álvaro Fidalgo, Paul Rodríguez, Diego Valdes, Alejandro Zendejas, Richard Sánchez, Salvador Reyes and Henry Martín.

7:47 PM3 hours ago

Antony Silva, Emanuel Gularte, Gastón Silva, Lucas Jaques, Emilio Martínez, Diego de Buen, Federico Mancuello, Facundo Waller, Luis Garcia, Gustavo Ferrareis and Martín Barragán.

7:46 PM3 hours ago

Esteban Lozano will be waiting his turn on the bench and Luis Malagón had a moment this morning with the U-20 team.

7:34 PM3 hours ago

Both teams are already doing stretching exercises, before the start of the match between América vs Puebla in the Liga MX 3 game.

7:25 PM3 hours ago

Fans of both teams have arrived at the Azteca Stadium, waiting for their team to warm up.

7:15 PM4 hours ago

We’re back for minute-by-minute coverage of América vs. Puebla. We will soon share with you the confirmed teams, as well as the relevant facts about the battle between these two teams.

7:10 PM4 hours ago

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In a few minutes we will share with you the opening programs for America vs Puebla live, as well as the latest information from the Azteca Stadium, such as statements from the players, players to watch and interesting facts about these two teams. Never miss a single detail of the game with VAVEL’s minute-by-minute live online broadcast.

6:50 PM4 hours ago

In 53 times that Puebla and América faced each other, the Águilas won 28 times. La Franja have only won 7 times. On 18 occasions they have only drawn.

6:40 PM4 hours ago

Israel Reyes was with La Franja a season ago, being one of the club’s most important players, but in the transfer window he was sold to América. This is his first game against his former team.

6:25 PM4 hours ago

State of Azteca It is the home of America, with a capacity for 87,000 spectators, the Coloso de Santa Urusula opened on May 29, 1966, with more than 56 years of existence.

6:20 PM4 hours ago

My name is Mauricio Gonzalez and I will be the host of this game. We’ll bring you pregame analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live right here on VAVEL.


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