GOP control can help economy, behind NY’s red wave and other commentary

Budget hawk: GOP Control Will Help Economy

Even if Republicans win control of the House, they can do “a lot” to “turn the economy around,” argued Fox News’ Andy Puzder. For starters, they can “end” the Democrats’ “big spending spree” that is “driving up inflation and crushing American families.” They can “use the [budget] reconciliation process” to pass “pro-growth” and other legislation, such as energy and crime – forcing President Biden to sign or veto it. And they can “hold the level of spending” and spend that funds the “left’s agenda” by pushing appropriations bills, which under the Constitution must come from the House, and through debt limit negotiations. All of this points to “a better, stronger economy with Republicans controlling one or two houses of Congress.”

Eye of the elex: Independents Are Key

“If you’re looking for a key to unlock what happens in the 2022 midterm elections,” suggested CNN’s Chris Cillizza, “look no further than the independent vote.” According to exit polls, 49% of independents nationwide chose the Democrats, while 47% chose the Republicans. That’s a “significant change” from the past four midterms, when the breakdowns were more skewed — and the party that won the independent vote gained more seats in the House. This year, partisan voters are so divided, that the independent vote (31% of voters) has become “more important,” and the races have become so close that many have yet to be called. Admittedly, “the number of persuasive voters who do not belong to either party is very small.” But as a bloc, they are “powerful in determining who wins the election.”

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Culture desk: In US Politics, Geography Rules

The midterms mark “an expression of the growing power of American political geography,” concludes Spiked’s Joel Kotkin: “less a national election than a clash of civilizations.” “There are two primary realities in the US. One is primarily urban, single and . . . non-white”; “the other is suburban or exurban” and “family centric.” And “red America today growing faster than blue America,” which “makes it more politically important.” “The future of the GOP depends on the continued growth of such areas, as well as the growth of suburbia across the country.” And the Democratic Party — once the “party of the people” — has “a lot of work to do if it wants to build a new majority in a redder America.”

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From left: Behind the Red Wave in NY

“A red wave did not wash over America on Tuesday,” said Ross Barkan of The Atlantic, but “jumped into one of the bluest states: New York,” where “Democrats lost almost every narrow contested congressional seat. Why? One reason: “New York’s broken redistricting process.” Another: “crime.” “Fear of [it] visceral throughout the state.” The key, too, is Gov. Hochul offered “no compelling reason for his election.” “Zeldin may be dishonest and incendiary – in the closing weeks of the campaign, he blamed almost every stabbing, shooting, and assassination on him – but at least he’s memorable. He will, in a way, clean up the crime . Hochul struggled for a ready answer.” So “if Republicans take a majority in the House in January, they’ll have New York to thank.”

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From right: End Dragged-Out Vote-Counting

“Two days after the election, it is still impossible to say which party won the House and Senate,” sighed the editors of The Wall Street Journal – the result of mail voting, which “is not good for public confidence. ” “President Trump is already spreading vague suspicions. ‘They want more time to cheat!’ “But it was “a poor policy choice” to allow “vote counting to continue” in Nevada, California and Arizona, where “laws have introduced excessive laxity in the voting system” and now provide in all “the same dispensation for delayed ballots as once provided for. the armed forces.” Election night counts are possible: “Florida is in charge.” And while “so far the US has been Las Vegas lucky to avoid a mail vote debacle . . . only fools turn the wheel.”

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