‘Hand-Signed’ $600 Bob Dylan Books Turn Out to Have Replica Autographs

Disgruntled fans of Bob Dylan who spent $599 to buy a personal 900 “signed” copies of his new book “The Philosophy of Modern Song” are set to get a refund, after the publisher, Simon & Schuster On Sunday afternoon, he admitted that the complaints had been raised. In fact the signatures on the mechanical copies were valid.

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“For those who bought into the philosophy of Modern Song, we apologize,” said a tweet from Simon & Schuster, which offered the books for sale on its website. “As it turns out, the limited edition books contain Bob’s original signature, but in duplicated form. We provide this information to every customer with an immediate refund.

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The books began arriving in customers’ mailboxes on Friday, and customers quickly began comparing the notes — or more importantly, the photos — and realized that the tomes were apparently signed using an “autopen.” which captures an actual signature and reproduces it. A mechanical pen. Customers sharing photos on public forums were able to identify what they believed to be 17 different signature variations being used, as of early Sunday afternoon, before the publisher admitted that things were not as advertised.

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On Friday, the publisher rejected requests for a refund of the $599 price, still claiming the books were hand-signed, as confirmed in a letter from the company’s chief executive. Comes with volume, confirms it. Authenticity These initial responses are as follows: “We certainly understand any concerns you may have, however – each individual copy of the Limited Signed Edition of Bob Dylan’s Philosophy of Modern Song is personally signed by the author and Accompanied by a letter of credit from the publisher.Simon & Schuster.

Everyone with a purchase received a letter signed by President-CEO Jonathan Karp saying, “You have something very special in your hands, only 900 copies of the signed book are available in the U.S.” . “This letter confirms that the copy of the book you are holding has been signed by Bob Dylan.”

But within 48 hours, as photographic evidence mounted that the claim was unlikely to be true, the company changed its tune. The emails, which began early Sunday afternoon to complain to customers, referred to the “mistake”: “We apologize for the error that occurred and offer a full refund of your purchase. Please return your Modern Song Philosophy “Retain a copy at no cost. We hope you enjoy reading it,” read the email, also signed by Karp.

The use of Autopen is often reported in the world of collectors – and apparently internationally – with many famous figures accused of using it, although rarely in cases where the signature Items sold for $600 or more.

Examples of such book signings are shared by customers on websites

While Simon & Schuster is unlikely to intentionally deceive customers when duplicates can be easily seen, speculation will arise as to how the company came to believe the books were individually signed. In the past, Dylan has occasionally offered limited-edition autographed copies of his artwork or his “Chronicles” book, and eagle-eyed fans generally believe that most or all of those earlier items are, in fact, , signed by hand.

Representatives for the publisher did not immediately respond to a request for comment Sunday.

Advertisement for a signed book on Bob Dylan’s Twitter account

On eBay, sellers are offering a “signed” book for resale for $6,000 over the weekend. Many of these listings have been removed, either by the sellers or eBay. But some hope the book will still be a collectible: Soon after the notice from Simon & Schuster was released, an eBay seller advertised an “autopia hardcover” for the bargain price of $725.

A page on Autograph Live provided one of several places for collectors to compare notes on Dylan’s signatures as the books arrived in the mail, including photos of 17 variations that buyers had seen by Sunday.

“Philosophy of Modern Song” has received high praise since its release earlier this month, including kind ofrave review, which called the book “a blast.”


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