Huawei Petal upgrades to “3D real-world mapping” thanks to new rendering technology

Huawei shows off its latest Petal update.  (Source: Huawei)
Huawei shows off its latest Petal update. (Source: Huawei)

Huawei’s Petal is its internal alternative to Google or Apple Maps, developed for the first-party HarmonyOS UI. The OEM recently unveiled a new and “powerful” 3D real-world feature for the app, touted to give a hyper-realistic “digital world” based on a given location. It requires new GPU applications and techniques, as well as quite a few photos of the location in question.

Huawei showed off some of its latest software and AI achievements during its 2022 Developer Conference. The event saw advances such as the new emergency satellite messaging feature for the Mate Xs2 joined by something the OEM’s director, Yu Chendong now defines as “new powerful 3D real-world map” on Weibo.

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It apparently represents the ability to recreate a view occupying up to 5 square kilometers (km2) of the real world in “super fine” detail in just 30 minutes. It involves letting Huawei’s Hi-Mesh form of accelerated network imaging loose on around 2,500 photos of the location in question, and is rated to deliver “centimeter” accuracy when it comes to the look and texture. of buildings

Huawei projects that its output will allow the viewer to “zoom” and “swipe” right into equally convincing interiors for those same buildings, and even recreate and change the weather acting on a given location.

All in all, the new3D network mapping“installation sounds very… metaverse-friendly; however, Huawei wants to help Petal compete with rivals like Apple Maps. The OEM has yet to specify when the necessary update will be issued, or which HarmonyOS smartphone, tablet or other device will receive it first.

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