Internet horrified over woman’s ‘reusable’ toilet paper: ‘Hard pass’

A woman shocked the internet by explaining why people should switch to reusable toilet paper.

Yes, you heard right.

The group member of sustainable company Net Zero believes that single-use toilet paper should go the way of single-use plastic.

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WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Reusable toilet paper explained

After acknowledging that the idea was controversial and unlikely to be immediately taken up by the masses, she explained how it all worked.

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“After the global toilet paper shortage of 2020, we came out with our reusable version,” she explained in a now-viral TikTok clip.

“And to the 56,000 comments disapproving of it, it’s meant to wipe off water — you know, like drying off after a shower.”

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A TikTok user explains how to use reusable toilet paper. Credit: TikTok/Net Zero Company

The reusable wipes are made from organic cotton and are best used in combination with a bidet, meaning a person washes themselves with water and then uses the wipe to wipe.

The TikTok user said the fabric can then be placed in a laundry bag or basket, machine washed in hot water, dried – and then it’s ready to use again.

She also suggested that the cloths be pre-soaked in vinegar or any other type of cleaning solution.

But even the most environmentally conscious followers struggled with the concept.

“Sorry, I’m not all about saving the earth, but this is too far,” wrote one person.

“That’s a big no from me,” added another.

The towels are used after washing with a bidet. Credit: TikTok/Net Zero Company

“So handy, I use mine as a pocket square too,” joked one person.

“Me with IBS stomach should be like no,” added one.

“Ah … tough pass,” another stated bluntly.

“I’d love to see a full biostudy on these in a month.”

Another wondered, “Every extra wash… is that good for the environment?”

The TikTok user suggested putting the used towels in a laundry basket or bag. Credit: TikTok/Net Zero Company

“Don’t fix what ain’t broke. Sure, you’re helping the environment, but not your water bill,” one follower added.

However, some people were not averse to the idea – with a handful pointing out that there is almost no difference between reusable toilet paper and reusable nappies.

“I love how people think this is gross but forget we used diapers for babies until the 40’s,” wrote one person.

The fabric is ready to use again. Credit: TikTok/Net Zero Company

Another noted that it was a common practice in other parts of the world.

“This is standard in Italy. Funny to see Americans who don’t use water to clean up after using the bathroom being hated by people who do,” one person wrote.

“Here in the Philippines, if you have a bidet and soap, you’re good to go,” said another.

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