Is Mick Carter dead in EastEnders after Christmas Day exit?

In the big Christmas Day episode, Mack learns the truth about his pregnant, new wife Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) and all that she did to his ex-wife Linda Carter (Kelly Brett).

In the end, Mike confesses his love to Linda and they reconcile before Janine tries to flee the country.

Following Janine, Mack and Linda follow her to the beach and a conflict sets off a chain of events that sees Janine and Linda fall into the ocean on a cliff.

Linda persuades Mac to save the pregnant Janine and he returns to the water before he can save Linda, but when he disappears in the waves, Linda reaches the beach.

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So, Mike is gone, but is he dead in East Enders?

Did Mike Carter die in EastEnders after the Christmas Day Outing?

Well, Mike Carter’s fate has been deliberately left out vague In EastEnders.

The effect of Mick disappearing into the sea trying to save his true love Linda is as if he had been killed, as his fans would assume he was dead.

However, soap fans will always be aware that you can’t rule out a character’s return unless you’ve seen their dead body (and even then, sometimes it can be written around!).

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We don’t see McCarter’s body and so the door remains open for Danny Dyer to eventually reprise his role as Mack, but it also ensures that he has a dramatic exit worthy of the character.

Danny Dyer as Mike Carter in EastEnders

Danny Dyer as Mike Carter in EastEnders. BBC

EastEnders could always approach a return for Mike in the same vein as Neighbors did with its iconic character Harold Bishop.

When actor Ian Smith went on Neighbors in 1991, his character Harold was thrown into the ocean and died with his true love Madge (Anne Charleston) and feared he was gone forever after the body was found. found

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However, when Smith returned in 1996, Harold was revealed to have survived and been picked up by a trawler and suffering from amnesia. Thankfully, Harold and Madge are later reunited.

Could a future reunion be on the cards for Mike and Linda? We can live in hope.

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