Is Survey Junkie Legit? I Tried to Find Out

Times are hard. People are trying to find ways to earn a little extra cash these days to avoid the inflation we all feel in our bank accounts. But as more consumers look for ways to supplement their income, so does the number of scams to be aware of.

This brings us to Survey Junkie – a site that offers people money in exchange for taking surveys. but Survey junkie is legit?

Can you really make money answering questions, and can it really be that easy? I signed up to find out, and here’s what I learned.

What is a survey junkie?

Survey Junkie pays you to take surveys online. Each survey is point-based—the longer the survey, the more points you earn.

After signing up for Survey Junkie, I immediately received 25 welcome points, and then another 25 points after verifying my email address. I was bombarded with a few “get to know me” surveys filled out on some of my profiles.


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