Jeremy Renner accident – update: Police seize Snowcat that crushed Marvel star to rule out ‘mechanical failure’

Jeremy Renner in ‘critical but stable’ condition after weather-related crash

Actor Jeremy Renner has undergone two surgeries at a Nevada hospital after suffering serious injuries in a “foul” avalanche.

of the Annoying locker The star is “conscious, stable and talking” and reportedly underwent surgery as part of his “long road to recovery.”

“We can confirm that Jeremy suffered chest trauma and orthopedic injuries and underwent surgery today (January 2),” the Reiner family said in their original statement. “He has since returned from surgery and remains in the intensive care unit in a serious but stable condition.”

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At a press conference Tuesday (Jan. 3), Washoe County Sheriff Darren Ballam explained how a family member was driving Rainer’s car when it got stuck in the snow.

“He went to get his piston cat or snowcat — a very large piece of snow moving equipment — to move his car,” Balaam said. “After moving the vehicle from the blocked area, Mr. Renner got out of the Piston Bully to speak with a family member and it started moving.

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“He tried to get into the driver’s seat of the Piston Billy, which is when he was hit by the Piston Billy.”

Despite major safety features, it accidentally ran over one of the players’ legs, causing massive blood loss, a neighbor said.

In her first post since the accident, Rainer shared a selfie from her hospital bed with the caption: “Thank you all for your kind words. Um [sic] Too confused to type now. But I send you all love.

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Renner, 51, was met with an outpouring of support from his fans and Marvel colleagues, including Chris Hemsworth, Taika Waititi and Chris Pratt.


What was the extent of Rayner’s immediate injuries?

Immediately after being “silenced” by the avalanche, Rainer was apparently still conscious, according to local officials.

However, a copy of the 911 call log from the accident was recently obtained TMZ Revealed more information about the actor’s immediate injuries.

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According to reports, Rainer’s chest was crushed and his upper torso was lacerated by the impact of the snow machines.

Inga Parkell5 January 2023 14:30


Oscar-winning actor Marley Matlin sends “best wishes” to Renner

Deaf active and Koda Star Marley Matlin sent “well wishes” to both Renner and American football player Demer Hamlin, who is currently in critical condition after suffering a heart attack on the field.

“Sending best wishes to Damar Hamlin @HamlinIsland and Jeremy Renner @JeremyRenner. I can only imagine how difficult this day has been for their respective families,” Matlin tweeted.

Peony Herowani5 January 2023 13:00


To all the celebrities who have congratulated Rainer

Find out who else has shared their thoughts and prayers.

Peony Herowani5 January 2023 12:15


Jeremy Renner is a ‘great neighbor,’ local sheriff says

In recent weeks, Jeremy Renner has been known to help with snow removal in his Nevada neighborhood.

According to Sheriff Darren Balaam, d Hawkeye The star is a “great neighbor” and always uses his snow plow to clear local streets.

“He was very generous throughout the community and he’s one of those people that most of the time you don’t know he’s doing it, but he’s made a huge impact on the community,” he told American media.

Peony Herowani5 January 2023 11:30


Jeremy Renner’s sister Kim has released an update on his condition.

“We’re very pleased with his progress,” she said, according to CBS 13 reporter Steve Large. “If anyone knows Jeremy, he’s a fighter and doesn’t mess around. He’s hitting all the goals going forward. We couldn’t feel more positive about the road ahead.”

Peony Herowani5 January 2023 10:55


Details of Jeremy Renner’s snowmobile crash are revealed in a 911 call

It has been reported that Jeremy Renner is “absolutely shattered” after a snowstorm took him down this week.

According to the 911 records obtained TMZthe Marvel star was heard screaming in the background of the call as he had “very hard time” breathing due to a collapsed chest and lacerations to his upper torso.

Peony Herowani5 January 2023 09:28


The sheriff said they “do not suspect foul play.”

Sheriff Darren Balaam said Rayner’s injury is being treated by police as a “fatal accident.”

“We don’t believe Mr. Rayner was harmed at all and it was just a tragic accident. We don’t suspect foul play,” he said.

“It was on a private road. He was a great neighbor and he used to plow the roads for his neighbors.”

Peony Herowani5 January 2023 08:58


It has been revealed that Jeremy Renner was helping a stranded motorist on the side of a mountain when a snowmobile, a snowcat, accidentally ran over his foot on New Year’s Day.

Peony Herowani5 January 2023 08:28


Did Jeremy Renner’s neighbor save his life?

According to initial reports, it was Rainer’s neighbor who saved his life after his accident.

After the snow moved on the player’s legs, a doctor who lived near Renner placed a tourniquet (a device that applies pressure and stops bleeding) on ​​Renner’s leg to hold it in place until paramedics arrived. to keep

However, at a press conference on Tuesday (January 3), Sheriff Darren Balaam denied the reports.

Balaam said that there were no doctors at the scene, but his neighbors rushed to his colleague with towels.

Peony Herowani5 January 2023 07:58


Renner was alert when responders arrived

Right after being nearly fatally beaten by Snowcat, Rainer was apparently still conscious.

Peony Herowani5 January 2023 07:27


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