Kanye West Says Jewish People Need to ’Forgive Hitler’ in Interview – Rolling Stone

Less than one A week after Kanye West praised Adolf Hitler in an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, West – along with white supremacist Nick Fuentes – sat down with Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes to apologize to the Jewish people for “Hitler “

The 45-minute show, titled “Save Ye,” on the alt-right video platform Censored.TV begins with McInnes at an airport addressing his call to “stop a West from becoming anti-Semitic or Nazi” and “Speak from him. Edge.” In the same breath, McInnes expresses his desire to show the West that “our problem is liberal elites of all generations,” then names two black leaders, Kamala Harris and Barack Obama, as the “big problem.”

McInnes, co-founder vice who left the media company in 2008, was banned from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in 2018 for posting content related to violent extremist groups and hate speech. In 2020, his YouTube account was suspended for violating the platform’s policies on hate speech. The interview with the rapper at the time coincided with a storm of media attention from the Yeezy fashion show in October, in which West displayed “White Lives Matter” shirts. While McInnes’s Censored.TV Twitter account has only 16,000 followers, West had millions in comparison – before he was banned – and currently has more than 18 million followers on Instagram.

Before meeting West and Fuentes, McInnes says he meets them at a safe place in Los Angeles. The camera pans to a 45-minute interview with West and Fuentes, which McInnes points out takes place just two days after the InfoWars debacle. West, his face covered in a mask, begins by boasting that his previous interview response was “great for a presidential campaign” before blaming the Jewish people for Hitler’s “personality” and calling abortion “eugenics.” “, compared to “genocide”. And the “Holocaust” West also repeats its claims that “Jews control most of the media, along with banks, real estate, and money.” He adds, “They can control the narrative. History is written by the winners.

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Throughout the interview, McInnes repeats an earlier claim that “automasochism” is a “genetic white thing,” which Fuentes says “liberalism has poisoned the well for white people.” Fuentes brings this moment to a topic about his own childhood, claiming that “kids love Hitler” and that there is something compelling about the videos, propaganda and symbols. When McInnes questions Fuentes’ claim, the Holocaust deniers clarify that he’s referring to children on 4chan.

Fuentes has been labeled a “white supremacist” by the Justice Department, and in 2020 he founded the American First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) — a far-right competitor to the conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) — and from Has connections with the right wing. Representatives Marjorie Taylor Green and Paul Gosar.

At the beginning of the episode, West claimed that “there is a partnership of Jewish lawyers and editors and everything else you can think of” that is “spoiling America.” West goes on to say that pornography is “a gas chamber, it’s a silent killer” to “silence us.” He also mentioned his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, who he claims used to “sell”. West – who allegedly used porn to harass and control his employees – later came back to the point, saying that porn had “destroyed” his family and that the women in porn were “products of pedophilia”. In a move that undermines female empowerment in terms of body shaming, West adds that women on Instagram in their 30s and 40s are “showing off their bodies” and freezing their eggs because they’re “supposed to be husbands and Children did not dream of having.”

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West then calls on people to “pray for Instagram” and condemns anyone who likes a picture of a “half-long woman” as a “sexual predator”.

Perhaps sensing an opportunity to give his male ego a much-needed boost, McInnes calls out “spinsters who don’t care about time,” “new journalists” who are “willing to abolish” and “destroy family men.” .

At one point, McInnes poses a hypothetical question to West. “So you’re the president of the United States,” McInnes says. It’s a day when someone walks in and walks away, so what do we do about these Jews? What do you say?” West replies, earning giggles from Fuentes and McInnes: “Jews should work for Christians. I would hire a Jewish person in a second if I knew they weren’t a spy and I could look into their phone and track their house and have a camera in their living room.

When asked if he’s chosen a running mate, West says he considered Candace Owens (who wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt at the show), but that he’s with Ben Shapiro. Has trouble controlling “Candice Owens’ voice.” Owens is a talk show host daily threadwhich Shapiro co-founded.

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The founder of Pride Boys closes with a series of final questions. While West responded that he would decriminalize abortion, he failed to provide “his policies on immigration” and “strengthening the wall” and responded that he would “immediately have a clear answer on that.” No.” When asked about same-sex marriage, West says all of his policies will “follow the Bible.” This prompts McInnes and Fuentes to attach a reprehensible connotation to “mental illness” associated with gay and transgender people.

Despite spending most of the interview slamming the Jewish community and women who don’t give birth before age 30, West ends the interview by professing his love for “everyone.” Referring to his campaign, which has not yet been filed, West says that “the laws of the country will be based on the Bible” and that “we will establish the constitution with the Bible.”

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“Jewish people can’t tell me who I can and can’t love,” she continues. “You can’t say, you can’t force your pain on anyone else. Jews forgive Hitler today.”

West’s comments relate to the latter Rolling Stone A piece by George Chiddy, who writes that “At some basic level, white racists love to hear black voices articulate ideas they can’t say in public without stumbling.” As Chedi points out, men like McInnes and Fuentes get to “wear blackface with you” as “proxy proxies.”


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