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Market 32 Careers – Only through a team of ambitious leaders, experts and engineers can we create a fundamental way to move forward and achieve our vision. We all want to change the world like you do.

Our dedicated team is the voice of our clients, including world-class experts in marketing, product design, infrastructure, public affairs, digital technology and aviation operations.

Market 32 Careers

Our engineers are exploring uncharted territory and serving the highest standards in areas such as computers, mechanical systems, power storage boosts, design systems and perfect performance.

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Operations and production help provide the various projects needed to achieve the vision. Our team includes manufacturing, product engineering, procurement and project management.

Quality and safety are our top priorities and an integral part of everything we do. Our dedicated team includes experts in aircraft maintenance, aviation service quality, independent system inspection, POA quality and customer experience.

We can only create fundamentally better ways to thank our people. Our team consists of team selection, learning and development, compensation and benefit analysis, and human operations.

The expertise of our finance team covers the legal, treasury, tax and ERP management, IT auditing and investor relations.

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We are always looking for great people to join our mission. Tell us how you stand out from the crowd. Apply Online Now!

Our vision attracts some of the best talent from around the world, and with 750 collaborators from more than 50 countries and cultures, it is also a diverse and inclusive workforce. Together we form a team that is stronger than the sum of its parts and ready to face the big challenges that lie ahead of us. When we asked our team what motivated their work, they gave three reasons:

We believe in a world of relationships and sustainability. By providing everyone with local air mobility, we are basically creating better transportation. The range, speed and emission-free flight of this aircraft will free people for the essentials of life and bring economic opportunities to the community while saving our planet.

We will not let the status quo hinder us. We are defining a bold new industry with the first electric aircraft of its kind. In everything we do, we see the world through the eyes of our customers, ensuring that our decisions help provide world-changing services.

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Here people are valued for curiosity, intelligence, sharp focus, determination and energy. We are a collaborative, confident and responsible team, we encourage everyone here to have a progressive mindset – “continuous improvement” is part of our DNA and we are equipped with tools and Training needed to succeed.

Our goal requires courage, effort and focus. We can assure you that working here is exciting and rewarding. We need people who are committed and have high expectations for themselves and each other to achieve Our ambition. Does this sound like you?

These values ​​and practices help us focus daily on the mission that brings us here.

We provide high standard results. Seek clarity and strive for simplicity. Perfection is the enemy of goodness. Do the basics and do the right thing for the task.

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Find solutions to obstacles. Make quick decisions and seek clarity of consent. Take systematic risks and take action. Strictly prioritize and take pride in rejecting distractions.

Actively provide and receive feedback. Be humble and show resilience in the face of adversity. Try to fail fast and celebrate success.

Collaborate on scale and split silo. Communicate properly and follow the facts. Always strive for positive contribution. Challenges – but once decided, go all out.

Security is non-negotiable. We act responsibly and honestly and do the right thing, especially when left unattended. We value diversity.

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It’s best to hire someone who is better than you and lift the bar with all the hiring and promotion. Leaders own their team performance.

Headquartered at a small airport just outside Munich, the heart of Germany’s high-tech production and space ecosystem. From the office you can enjoy spectacular views of the Alps and close to the city to stroll through the historic Marienplatz or the vast English gardens at night.

Our team in the UK is working hard to build a digital passenger and airline platform that will be used for day-to-day operations when we launch our services. After Covid-19 we will be in a co-working space in this vibrant city.

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We are expanding our team in the United States, based in Washington, DC. The talented team focuses on expanding our reach and launching our services. Even though they are farthest from our headquarters, they all have the same spirit.

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About 300 km west of our headquarters is the commercial center of Zurich. The Zurich team focuses on building a global partnership for international publishing and services.

The rental process may vary depending on the department you are applying for. However, successful candidates will go through a process that includes search, phone calls, video interviews and face-to-face interviews. Depending on the role, you must complete one round of assessments. While we appreciate your time and effort, your time and effort – we are committed to hiring only the best.

Find a job that matches your skills and submit your application online. Or if you think you might be a good fit for the position but haven’t seen it yet, apply now for an estimate and we’ll be waiting for you in the future.

You will speak to members of our talent acquisition team by phone or video call. In addition to giving you the opportunity to ask any questions, we will discuss your experiences and motivation to work here. You will receive feedback within two weeks of this call, and if there is a match, we will notify you of the next steps as they may vary depending on the role.

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If the position you are applying for requires specific technical skills, we may ask you to complete a technical test or short practical assignment that represents a real-life possibility.

If you did well in the previous round, we will schedule a video call with the group you have applied for. During this call, we will be able to answer more specific questions you may have about the position and discuss your background and skills in more detail.

(Replaced by video calling due to COVID-19) This is your chance to introduce yourself. You will meet the team and learn about our company culture and participate in competency-based interviews where we will ask you questions about the actual situation. On-site interviews can last from 2 to 5 hours and require you to travel to our headquarters in Munich, Germany.

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Once you have gone through the final stages of the process, we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote (hopefully!) Or some feedback on how it works for you.

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Our headquarters is designed to make work as comfortable as possible. We provide a base, including ample parking and free shipping links to local stations, but it is also a pleasant place to work, with a co-working space and a rooftop roof where you can watch the aircraft throughout the day. The Alps are in the background. . After all, your health is at the heart of your happiness. We strongly believe in this philosophy, which we have committed to providing a spacious gym, bicycles to ride around our campus, seating and a free cafe serving fruit. Drinks for lunch and dinner. Maybe you went to Price Chopper at Mohawk Acres in Rome recently and wondered why it’s crazy there right now? Because they move to the market 32.

Last year, Price Chopper announced plans to relocate its 131 stores to 32 markets. The name was respected when the Golub family started the grocery business in 1932, focusing on health, nutrition, convenience and diversity.

Many in the Roman community have been posting on social media about shops being renovated, claiming it was a “mess” and many believing they should be closed during the transition.

According to store staff, although unofficial, they believe all renovations at the Rome store should be completed by the end of November.

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Oneida and New Hartford were the first locations in the area to switch to Market 32, usually more than the Wegmans.

Do you want to change? Are you angry with the condition of your store during repairs and think it should be temporarily closed to finish A project?

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