Marvel Reportedly Cut Becky Lynch’s ‘Depressing’ MCU Post-Credits Scene

According to a new report, Marvel Studios cut the sad post-credits scene from the Key Stage 4 project.

A little shakeup after every MCU project is a tradition at this point and something that continues throughout Phase 4 (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is a notable exception) later Avengers: Endgame.

So far, some of these mini-scenes have introduced characters like Pep the Troll, Eros, and Hercules, along with future plotlines for Moon Knight and Kit Harington’s Dan Whitman. Others are comic gags, like in Papa’s Pizza Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Or “Rogers: The Musical” at the end Hawkeye.

Most of the end tags are set up for future stories and plotlines. Now it seems that another scene, setting the stage for the story to come, was left on the bedroom floor – and it’s believed to have been very dark.

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The MCU post-credits scene was deleted

Becky Lynch, Marvel
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In a new report from Faithful Selection, it has been revealed that professional wrestler Becky Lynch once had a Marvel role in Phase 4 of the MCU, but it was cut.

The part was for Chloé Zhao’s eternal And the post-credits scene was set after the first movie ended.

The site knew that Lynch was once involved with the MCU in 2021, but no one at Marvel Studios would comment on that. They were told “The role was meant to be [the Eternals] To set something up for the next episode in the post-credits scene.

They explained how it’s not out of the question for Lynch to reprise her cut role in the future, despite her first scene being cut. Fightful Select’s source also claimed that Marvel Studios itself was happy with the actors’ performances, so it had nothing to do with why the scene was cut.

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The site also clarified that it doesn’t know for sure if the lynching scenes were ever actually filmed or if they were cut before going in front of the camera.

Sources indicated that the scene in question was “very sad” And also includes Harry Styles’ Eros.

Neither Marwell nor Becky Lynch have responded to requests for comment regarding the rumors.

What MCU content was removed?

So who would Lynch be in the MCU? There is no clear answer.

One of the best choices might be the gender-bit version of Zoras, one of the key immortals that didn’t make it into the team’s first film. In the comics, the character is one of the oldest of the group and was responsible for building Olympia, their key base of operations.

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Another possible choice would be Shastra, although he is not a very big player.

Both of these prospects have red hair, which the actress shares – a small connection, but a connection nonetheless.

As for what the sad aspect of her role would have been, it is unclear. Chloé Zhao previously admitted that the movie once had a bad ending that involved all of the Eternals wiping their memories and sending them to a new planet.

Maybe he was part of those scenes, either as a new member of the team or someone to be mind-wiped.

Hopefully, one eternal A sequel will eventually be made, and Lynch’s secret role may be used.

eternal Now streaming on Disney+.


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