Metaverse, 5G, AI & more: Tech that can be a real game changer of 2023

Technology evolves so quickly that what seems “hot” now becomes outdated in a matter of months. Here, we look at a technology that can redefine people’s lives and be a real game changer in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a reality
ChatGPT, a current buzzword, is an AI-based tool that could redefine the online experience. AI has so far been in the background, doing its job without being noticed, but expect that to change. Google has already declared ‘Code Red’ and will show its AI prowess more prominently in 2023. Microsoft, already a stakeholder in ChatGPT, will look to further build on it. AI may become real in 2023.

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The small ‘Matter’ of smart devices
Smart devices will change in 2023, as a new, unified standard for the Internet of Things (IoT) – Matter – makes its presence felt. Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon – all are on board with Matter. Matter will make it relatively easier for different smart home devices to work together with minimal fuss. If you have a Matter-enabled smart home device – and there will be plenty in 2023 – then it will be easier to control it with Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri.

The year of AR, VR
Not a technology that will become mainstream in 2023, but the combination of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will become more prominent. Apple is already rumored to be working on a mixed reality device – a headset/glasses – that should land in 2023. Apple’s device will be a niche product but with its tech hacks and amazing ability to keep people in its ecosystem, the headset certainly could. change the story for AR and VR. Expect other players to jump on the bandwagon as well.

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Metaverse: hit or miss?
For Mark Zuckerberg, it’s absolutely no bet on Metaverse. Will it make it big in 2023? Unlikely. For almost everyone hoping for the Metaverse, rest assured it’s a long shot, and we’re still in the early stages. Microsoft and Nvidia have big plans for the Metaverse but nothing that will make you sit up and take note in 2023. Metaverse right now is a lot of noise and very little action.

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5G and hyperconnectivity
The real impact of the launch of 5G will be visible in 2023. Gradually, cities are covered by 5G services. So, expect a flurry of activity with connected devices making a big splash. Right now, only 5G-ready smartphones are available in India, but next year there will be more 5G-ready devices as coverage expands to reach more users.


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