Michael Strahan receives first sports entertainment star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


TV personality and former NFL player Michael Strahan, along with his mother, Lois Strahan, attend a ceremony Monday to honor him with 2,744 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Photo by Jim Rowman/UPI

TV personality and former NFL player Michael Strahan, along with his mother, Lois Strahan, attend a ceremony Monday to honor him with 2,744 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Photo by Jim Royman/UPI | License photo

Jan. 23 (UPI) — Good morning America and Fox NFL Sunday Host Michael Strahan received the 2,744th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, becoming the first sports entertainment star to receive the honor.

“We are thrilled to unveil the first Sports Entertainment Star for Michael Strahan,” Anna Martinez, producer of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, said in a statement.

“Sports fans will be thrilled to be able to see their favorite sports figures involved in the entertainment business get their own star. Michael’s extensive background in sports and sports makes him the perfect choice to add to the popular street. turns.”

Martinez hosted the ceremony, and former NFL player turned TV and movie star Terry Crews, SMAC co-founder and CEO Constance Schwartz Morney was there to support Strahan.

Strahan also hosts The $100,000 pyramida co-production with SMAC and ABC.

The gold standard among a slew of former NFL players turned television personalities, podcasters and pundits, Strahan also owns an eponymous menswear brand, which has added skin care and boys’ lines in the seven years since its launch. .

Schwartz-Moreni remembers how she and Strahan met when Strahan recorded a song with Randy Travis called “Branks Truck” on the 2006 NFL Country compilation album. He worked in the NFL, and the two developed a business relationship that expanded. When Strahan retired in 2007.

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“In the mid-90s when [NFL executive] Tracy Perlman and I saved our list of players to be in the NFL Cup and Country albums, you’re the one player who should be in both,” she said.

“But that’s you – the one who isn’t afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things and break barriers for those who come behind you, while doing it yourself.”

Crews said he felt honored to speak on behalf of his friend at the ceremony.

“There’s nothing that symbolizes stardom more than Michael Strahan. We’re former athletes and we’re sitting around talking and you say, ‘Dude, should I try this Hollywood thing?’ I’m like friend, dude, your personality, who you are, your smile is absolutely charming, if you don’t do that, you’d be wrong.”

Crews added: “As a black man, as an athlete, every American should strive to be the kind of person you are. One word for Michael Strahan is perfection.”

“When I was going through the hardest times in my career, the one person I called on was Mike. And not only did he support me – he put me on his platform so that I could tell my story the way I did. I did what was needed.


“The honesty he showed me at this time in my life I will never forget and everyone who knows about his representation here already knows that.”

In his remarks, Strahan, 51, said that everyone in life wants to feel valued.

He told her: “I was a child who was looked at in many ways. When I was in the kitchen washing the dishes, mowing the lawn and moving the furniture, I was not always looked at as I was. Be the goal.” Spectators watch from a holding area near the new Star location on Hollywood Boulevard.

“You felt like you were looked at in a certain way that didn’t value you,” he added. “I’ve always wanted people around me to feel like they have purpose and value.”

The former NFL Defensive Player of the Year, who played his 15-year football career with the New York Giants, says the concept of a team is also important to him.

He referred to his parents, including his mother, Louise, who attended the ceremony, and his late father, Gene. They were married for over 60 years.

He said his father instilled values ​​in him that he tries to emulate in his role as a father of four. His three daughters, Tanita, Isabella and Sophia, attended the ceremony with their mother.

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“I never thought I’d be on TV. It just happened,” he said, citing his current and former agents, Disney CEO Bob Iger, ABC chairman Kim Goodwin and several Fox executives who He was present, accepted.

“I learned that in any job you have, you can go to work and enjoy it,” he said of working. Fox NFL Sunday. “There’s never been a Sunday in the last 15 years that I’ve walked into this studio and said I’d rather be anywhere else. Ever, ever, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

Strahan concluded his remarks by saying that he had two goals of pursuing a career after leaving college, which he said his parents would not allow.

“I wanted to make my parents proud and, by extension, my children. And I wanted to make enough money so I didn’t have to move in with my parents, and I’ve accomplished both, I hope.”

He added: “It’s not just my name [the plaque]. It’s the entire Strahan family.”

His ABC co-hosts, Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Fox NFL Sunday Hosts Jay Glazer, Kurt Manfee, Howie Long, rap star Wiz Khalifa, and Fun tonight Host Kevin Frazier was also there to support Strahan.


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