Miss America 2023: Live updates from the pay-per-stream

10:42: Miss America 2023 is Miss Wisconsin, Grace Stanke. She receives a $50K scholarship. Learn more about the new Miss America here.

First runner-up, who receives a $25K scholarship: Miss New York, Taryn Delanie Smith.

The $20K scholarship winner, second place, is Miss Texas, Averie Bishop.

A $15K scholarship goes to Miss West Virginia, Elizabeth Lynch — the third place.

A $10K scholarship goes to Miss Georgia, Kelsey Hollis – fourth place.

10:27: Evening dress tightening as we approach the coronation. Contestants were given a choice of something other than a dress, but rarely has anyone chosen a different dress in recent years.

10:15: Why did Miss New York get the lost luggage issue? Random. Wait, is this LaGuardia, JFK or Newark?

10:13: Now Emma Broyles, Miss America, who is in charge of the contestants, is asking the contestants how they would deal with different situations in the role. (Mostly press enquiries/PR/public events.)

Ooh, the first question is about what they would do if their personal position on an issue differed from the Miss America Organization and they are asked to comment. Stanke (Wisconsin) says she would make it clear that it was her opinion, not the organization’s.

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This is the Top 5:

Miss WisconsinGrace Stanke

Miss GeorgiaKelsey Hollis

Miss West VirginiaElizabeth Lynch

Miss New YorkTaryn Delanie Smith (you said)

Miss TexasAverie Bishop

9:56: Averie Bishop, Miss Texas, has a social impact initiative called “Y’all Means All.”

Miss New York, Taryn Delanie Smith, still sounding strong, guys … she could take it. Top 5 next.

9:42: Okay, we’re back with another segment with contestants wearing athletic clothes, this time talking about standing up to bullying?

Anyway, the top 7: Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, Texas, West Virginia, Indiana and New York (you were told).

Miss America 2023

Miss Hawaii has dance in her genes. Her grandmother was a Rockette.Miss America Organization via Pageants Live

9:20: Miss Hawaii, Lauren Teruya, dances to “Cabaret,” noting that her grandmother was a Radio City Rockette.

9:15: Miss West Virginia, Elizabeth Lynch, delivering a monologue about the soil.

Her social impact initiative: “Growing Up, Growing You: Supporting American Agriculture.”

9:10: Miss Illinois Monica Nia Jones is asked if they should bring back the swimsuit competition, officially called “lifestyle and fitness…in a swimsuit.”

She is all for it. A lot of traditional Miss America out there, even the young ones. And they usually talk about body positivity as a reason why they support it — being proud of… fit bodies? (A slim fit doesn’t have to mean slim, though.)

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9:00: “I think I won the Powerballit feels like a dream!” — Elizabetta Nies, Miss Ohio.

Miss America 2023

Miss America … where else can you get an underground monologue and a musical performance, back to back?Miss America Organization via Pageants Live

8:55: We’re on to the red carpet interview questions, paired with evening gowns. Should marijuana be legalized nationally? How can we encourage schools to maintain their performing arts programs?

Should there be equal pay for women’s sports? That’s something CNN’s Don Lemon recently added to – he thinks you can’t compare the salaries because men’s sports bring in more money.

Miss New York, Taryn Delanie Smith, could be one to watch. She points out that WNBA players don’t want the same pay as, say, LeBron James.

“They’re looking for a fair and balanced ratio,” she says.

“Pay women what they’re worth…pay women what they deserve.”

Miss America 2023

Fitness clothes on March.Miss America Organization via Pageants Live

8:50: In 2018, Miss America got rid of the swimsuit competition.

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Now, the contestants march around the stage holding signs announcing their state interest and advocacy while wearing glittery athletic apparel from the pageant sponsor.

8:35: This is your top 11:

West Virginia, Nevada, New York, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Oregon, Texas, Ohio, Indiana.

And Illinois (America’s Choice winner).

Jersey already seems out of contention. (We never win. It was a home disadvantage … now it’s Connecticut, so … )

8:25 p.m: What does “Christmas” say to pay more than $32.99 for a live stream to see if your state’s representative prefers the other 50 “candidates” for Miss America 2023?

We can think of several things, but here we go!

Miss New Jersey, Augotina Mallous, is promoting “human trafficking awareness and eradication” at the pageant, hosted at Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort in Connecticut.

Miss America 2022

Emma Broyles, Miss America 2022, representing sartorially for the pageant queens who came before her.Miss America Organization via Pageants Live

Hazel Homer-Wambeam, Miss Wyoming, announces herself as the first Jewish … Miss Wyoming. Happy Hanukkah, Hazel!

The top 11 finalists are already being announced soon.

But first, reigning Miss America Emma Broyles, formerly Miss Alaska, says she’s gone back to undergrad, then medical school to become a dermatologist. She’s wearing a dress designed by “Project Runway” talent with the faces of Miss America (see above).

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