Neighbors Who Write – 2022 Edition – West Side Rag

By Nancy Novick

The Upper West Side has long been home to writers, from the legendary—Philip Roth, Joseph Heller, Nora Ephron, to name just a few—to the ambitious. With the gift-giving season upon us, now is our chance to support our neighbors who write, and enjoy giving or receiving a great read!

The authors shown below are just a sample of those who published books in 2022. Please let us know your favorite UWS authors/books in the comments, and we’ll follow up with a series of future profiles.

Sally Coslow.

Who better qualified to tell the story of a family on the West Side than a West Side writer who has called the neighborhood home since the 1970s? Written in the voices of three different narrators, Sally Coslow True Lady Tobias, In September this year, Explores the relationship between mothers and sisters as they navigate a family crisis that threatens to tear them apart. Koslow, originally from Fargo, North Dakota, is also the author of two other novels set at UWS, The late Molly Marks criedand Small pink pieces. Her ties to the Upper West Side also extend to her role as a creative writing instructor; Among the many institutions where Koslow has shared his experience is the Manhattan JCC.

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Terina Elizabeth Bell.

Native of Kentucky terina Elizabeth Bellwhich since 2015 has been called The Great Western House, published its first collection of experimental short stories for adults, tell me what you see Earlier this month. Bell’s work is timely and provocative, and brings an original voice and eye to difficult topics including life during Covid, the future of the planet, and the January 6 uprising. Her creative use of images and other design elements in her stories is just one reason Ms. Magazine has chosen her Tell me what you see As one of them “December 2022 reads for the rest of us”.

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Steve Metzger.

Steve Metzgers New graphic novel, of the Bumble Brothers: Crazy for humor, marks the first for the award-winning author, whose picture books have sold thousands of copies in the United States and abroad. Love the author’s slapstick comedy, wordplay, and silly misunderstandings, Bumble Brothers: Crazy for humor, featuring the antics of two insane twins! The first in the series, this book is sure to tickle the funny bone of 7-11 year old boys who love everything and is a great choice for ‘reluctant readers’. Metzger, who has lived in the UWS for more than 25 years, teamed up with fellow Upper West Sider, writer/illustrator Brian Shettle, whose vibrant, full-color descriptions bring these elusive characters to life. Metzger is also out this year Thank you animals, thank you meA board book for young children. Learn more at

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Kate McMullen Photo by Mark McClennon

From chapter books about a beloved and hilarious classroom guinea pig to a fresh and funny take on Greek mythology, Kate McMullen The work—both on page and screen—has appealed to generations of young fans. Just out this year, is McMullen’s This is the tree we planted (a short review is here ), a beautifully illustrated poetic picture book by Alison Friend that tells the story of a group of kindergarteners who plant a tree and watch it grow into a home for robins, birds, and more. . Kate and her artist husband, Jim, who has collaborated with her on a number of titles, have been living in the Midwest since 2014. I smell and I am dirty The books were adapted for the “Stinky and Dirty Show” streaming on Amazon Prime. More about Kate at


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