Netflix UK: Every movie and TV series being removed from service in November 2022

Now that the clocks have gone back, it’s time to relax at home while watching Netflix.

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Every month, a wide selection of titles are removed from the service without notice.

That’s why some movies and TV shows suddenly disappear from your watch list.

So, to avoid surprises, here’s a list of everything removed in November, which, considering that it does not include the first original series to leave the service in other countries.

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The removal also comes as Netflix announced the cancellation of the chart-topping series despite the reality show’s final season ending on a cliffhanger.

Note: independent This list has been compiled with his help What’s on Netflix.

November 1

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Aagey See Right



ABCD: Every Body Can Dance


Arjuna: The warrior prince

bad boys

the bundle


Beethoven’s second

Beethoven’s Christmas


Martin Lawrence and Will Smith in ‘Bad Boys’


Chance P Dance

shut up

Christmas land

shut up

Dark Horse: The Incredible True Story of the Alliance of Dreams

Dead man down

Death will be her

deck of halls

Dennis O’Gansher opened (television)

The purpose of the grain

Dhoondte Reh Jaoge

‘Death Be Her’ is being removed from Netflix


Doni did four

Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss The Lorax

Easy A

The edge of fear

Effie Gray


Exit plan


Wrath of war

A house of glass

is this

‘Easy A’ is being removed from Netflix


Hajwala: The Lost Engine

hat trick

Here comes the boom


Hiding in plain sight


How to be single

human nature

Husband in Gao

in the forest

John Wick: Chapter Two

Kai Po Chi!


Kit Williams: The Pimp’s History: Part One

‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ is being removed from Netflix


Cutie Butty

Killing Bill: Volume 1

Killer Cove

LA confidential

liars liars

Life in the metro

Man on a ledge

Marc Marvin: Mental Pain

Monster in Law

Mumbai Mary John

My best friend’s wedding (2016)

Emma Thurman in ‘Kill Bill Part 1’

No one killed Jessica


Orange District

our house

Oh luck! Good luck!

Pan Singh Tomar

Check money

Peterson and Finds 2

words broken (1991)

Raja Natwarial


Rich Rich

Riding alone for thousands of miles

Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce in ‘LA Confidential’





Broken memories

Sagaram Todo


Thick as grain

time to kill

We are the Millers

Welcome to Sajjanpur


Best Picture Oscar winner ‘Spotlight’ is leaving Netflix

November 2

lump (television)

Family Court (television)

golden path (television)

the hustlers

Jack and Jill

judgment (television)

Little Nyonya (television)

Miniforce X (television)

My Mad Fit Diary (television)

pretty little liars (television)

The real detective (television)

together (television)

the truth (television)

Jennifer Lopez in ‘Hustlers’, leaving Netflix

(STX Entertainment/YouTube/Screengrab)

November 3

gone away

From dusk to dawn (television)

Master Sun (television)

Mossad 101 (television)

November 6

Beaver Falls

Burning can

human capital

Lee Evans Concert

line of duty (television)


Goal number one

One of the ‘Line of Duty’ series is being removed from Netflix

(BBC/World Productions/Stephen Hill)

7 November

dead pixels (television)


November 10

The kill switch

Doctor Strange (television)

November 11

Nokdu flower (television)

12 November

I love you no matter what happens

November 13

Fukrey Boyzzz: Space Mein Fukrapanti

15 November

end of watch

good liar

the piano

‘The Piano’ is being removed from Netflix


November 16

9 (2009)

In Dolphin Bay

Barbie: The Spy Squad

couple retreat


endless love

Hard target 2

Intolerable cruelty

Jared 2: Field of Fire

La Robe De Mariee Des Cieux

A little sad (2012)

George Clooney in the Coen brothers’ movie “Intolerable Cruelty.”

(International Pictures)

man down (television)


My MVP Valentine (television)

Today’s charm (television)

Brain Professor (1996)

calmness (2005)

West Side Story (2003)

the yard (television)

Zero Dark Thirty

“Zero Dark Thirty” Starring Jessica Chastain Leaving Netflix

17 November

A tattoo fixer on vacation (television)

18 November

5 star hotel


The birth of beauty (television)


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