Nvidia teams up with Rescale to simplify cloud-based AI projects

Nvidia Corp. partnered with Rescale Inc., a high-performance computing startup, to ease the task of running artificial intelligence applications on public cloud infrastructure.

Announced today, the partnership includes several components. Rescale will integrate its technology with several of Nvidia’s AI development and deployment tools. Additionally, the startup is developing a software capability that can automatically optimize the cost and performance of a company’s AI application environment.

San Francisco-based Rescale is backed by more than $150 million in funding from Nvidia, Microsoft Corp. and other prominent investors. It provides a software platform that makes it easy to run high-performance computing, or HPC, applications in the cloud. HPC applications are hardware-intensive programs such as physics simulators that are used to support research and engineering projects.

Rescale’s namesake platform automates much of the manual work involved in deploying HPC software on cloud infrastructure. It also helps with related tasks, such as securing applications.

“We’re moving from what I would call intuition-based engineering to a more scientific model,” Edward Hsu, Resale’s chief product officer, said at a press conference.

Hsu provided some examples of how the process works. A company designing an airfoil, for example, used to have to come up with designs and test them in a wind tunnel, a long and expensive process. On Rescale, he said, 20 to 30 airfoil designs could be simulated without using a wind tunnel, and now, with the new capabilities with Nvidia, they can take all those experiments and use AI and machine learning to determine which one is best for the purpose. at hand

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As part of its functionality, Rescale provides a catalog of prepackaged HPC applications. Customers can deploy the applications without the extensive manual work usually involved in the task. Through its recently announced partnership with Nvidia, Rescale is expanding its software catalog by adding support for several of the chipmaker’s AI tools.

The first offering that Rescale will add support for is the Nvidia AI Enterprise platform. It is a collection of more than a dozen software tools designed to ease the task of building, deploying, and maintaining neural networks.

Several tools in the Nvidia AI Enterprise platform focus on making it easier to manage the cloud infrastructure on which a company’s AI software runs. Others can optimize a neural network to make more efficient use of Nvidia chips. To simplify the work of developers, Nvidia has also included software building blocks that make it easy to create AI applications for use cases such as robotics.

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In addition to Nvidia AI Enterprise, Rescale will add support for a number of other software tools to its platform.

One of the tools, the Nvidia Base Command Platform, provides an interface through which researchers can coordinate the process of training a new neural network. Rescale also adds support for another Nvidia software offering called Nvidia Modulus. The latter offering makes it easy to build neural networks to perform research and engineering tasks that involve physical calculations.

“Fusing principled and data-driven methods, physical-ML AI models let us explore our design space at speeds and scales many orders of magnitude greater than ever before,” said Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang. “Rescale is at the intersection of these key trends. Nvidia’s accelerated and AI computing platform perfectly complements Rescale to advance industrial scientific computing.”

Alongside the expanded support for Nvidia software, Rescale today debuted a new tool it calls the Compute Recommendation Engine, or CRE. The tool is designed to help companies optimize the cloud environments in which they run AI and high-performance computing applications.

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According to Rescale, CRE can optimize what infrastructure resources are added to a cloud environment in a way that minimizes hardware costs. Alternatively, the tool is able to configure infrastructure resources to maximize performance. Organizations can customize how CRE balances cost effectiveness and efficiency according to their requirements.

“Our unique built-in cloud approach enables us to deliver optimal accelerated computing performance on demand for any workload in any cloud worldwide, and our collaboration with Nvidia will bring powerful new AI capabilities to our industrial HPC customers,” said Rescale founder and CEO Joris Poort.

Rescale says organizations rely on its platform for use cases such as medical research, aircraft development and chip design. The startup developed its new CRE infrastructure optimization tool using metadata collected from more than 100 million high-performance computing workloads.

With reporting by Robert Hof

Image: Nvidia

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