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The Democratic Party has morphed into the new Democratic Socialist Party with their policies, platform, ideas, and war on the Constitution and America.

Communists, liberals, progressives, Marxists, and today’s Democratic Party are fundamentally collections of anti-American and anti-Constitutional revolutionaries; he is not your father’s partner. It was the worst elements of the far left that influenced the party and they bear no resemblance to JFK.

The United States Constitution is the strong foundation on which this nation was designed and founded. Primarily, the founders sought to limit the size and power of government, and to expressly define the rights of the people and the limits of government. The colonists suffered unbearable hardships and tyranny under the English crown, and understood what unbridled evil men could do to defenseless citizens.

From the beginning of our free nation, there have always been those who have conspired to expand the power of government and eliminate the God-given rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Beaten and bruised, this precious document and our Bill of Rights came into effect after more than 200 years of attacks and attempts by the evil men to end freedom. The American Communists and Nazis in the mid-20th Century knew that if the nation kept faith with the nation’s guiding principles and laws, the people would not submit to their tyranny. As a result, they organized their propaganda machines around the simple concept of scrapping the Constitution.

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The Democratic Party is the latest and greatest threat to our freedom. They are at war with everything that traditional and constitutional Americans stand for. Tragically, their goal is to transform America into a Marxist/communist state. To achieve this, they must destroy or delegitimize the Constitution and the founders.

Simply put, the object is exercising complete and total control over the entire nation and its citizens. Therefore, the MSM and the Democratic Party viciously attack anyone, any policy or entity that stands in tyranny.

After Barack Obama’s famous quote regarding the intentions and goals of his presidency, “Transforming the United States of America,” he assembled his Communist, Marxist and radical terrorist alliance. After teaching Alinsky “Rules for radicals,” for college students, this glorified community organizer used Alinsky’s rules and his race to quell criticism and opposition. Democrats have learned that repeated claims of racism send dissidents scurrying for cover into a Democrat-designed political box of quiet, passive dissent.

The policies, practices, tactics and actions of today’s Democratic leaders reveal everything the new Marxist Democratic Party needs to know. Are they complying with the basic purpose of the Constitution? Is this group seeking and promoting freedom, or are they pushing forward? Do they represent your ideals, beliefs and convictions?

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Every election, we should remember, our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to form our nation. Freedom-loving Americans must strike a decisive blow against the tyrannical leftist Democrats. The numbers are on the left; therefore, patriotism must go out and overwhelm the lawlessness.

Every elected Democrat increases the power base for radical Democrat policies. If they truly believed in freedom and the Constitution, they would not remain in the party of tyranny.

The power base of Joe Biden’s wing of the Democratic Party has left-wing ideas, ideals, policies, talking points, and strategies that show how far the Democratic Party has come in the past few years. It can be easily perceived from their words, their actions and their attacks that the Democrats have suffered a complete separation from patriotic America. As they wage open and covert war on our Constitution and our country, remember the following paragraphs describe the Democratic Party’s playbook, policies, goals, tactics, and its revolutionary manual for transforming America into a government A tyrannical Marxist.

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“No Borders, No Profits, No Prisons, No Guns, No ICE,” Their new philosophy is a Democratic Socialist Party. When leftists and their useful idiots pour into the streets, they fully understand the Nazi politician and propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels’ declaration that whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state , for all forms of power politics and any dictatorial state. Its roots are in the street. When you watch and listen to these traitorous terrorists who inspired the revolution; they remember voting Democratic.

Democrats have historically used leftist judges strategically placed throughout the nation’s court system; including the Supreme Court, to write legislation and promote a far-left ideology from the bench.

Democrats fight tooth and nail against America’s right to self-defense, and they want gun confiscation. The Democratic Party is by far the biggest threat to our Constitutional right to bear arms. Therefore, the greatest threat to American life.


Jim Mullen is a politically conservative Parkersburg writer and blogger and a member of the WV Constitutional Advocates.

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