Prince Harry, Family Reconciliation Is ‘Wishful Thinking,’ Royal Source Says

Reports of an imminent reconciliation meeting between King Charles and Prince Harry have been greatly exaggerated, a friend of Charles told The Daily Beast.

Despite the fact that Charles has made it clear that, as courtiers are always at pains to emphasize, he “loves both of his sons”, the idea that Charles will be with Meghan and Harry before becoming king Earl Gray sits for the cup. As suggested in reports this weekend, friends of the King and Queen shook their heads in disbelief.

“It’s wishful thinking,” a friend of the couple told The Daily Beast.

Harry’s confidence after devastating allegations by the royal administration spear is almost nil, not helped by the potential threats he has made to publish more material – Harry said in an interview with The Telegraph that he could have written “two books” – and the fact that confidential meetings described in his memoirs.

In fact the book opens with a description of a “secret” meeting with Charles and William, called by Harry at a cemetery, after the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh.

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It is difficult to see how Charles could have attended a private meeting with his young son (or indeed written to him or even called him) unless notes were taken—and perhaps later on a bestseller. The result will be presented to the public. the book

While many informed observers still expect Harry and Meghan to receive an invitation to the coronation, there is considerable doubt, to put it mildly, about the chances of a pre-coronation meeting.

Rumors of a reconciliation meeting have surfaced according to an article The Sunday Times This weekend by respected and well-informed Royal Correspondent Roya Neka.

Citing a “royal source who has the king’s ear and who knows the Sussexes well,” the grandfather said the source believes the reconciliation meeting will take place before the coronation on Saturday, May 6.

“It’s going to take flexibility on all sides, but it can be done, it’s doable… It needs Harry here, in the room with the King and the Prince of Wales, a few other family members, some of his People” he. Beliefs have always been behind him, so he doesn’t think he’s been targeted. Someone like an elf [Ed Lane Fox, Harry’s former private secretary] and Christopher [Lord Geidt, the late Queen’s former private secretary who advised the Sussexes].

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“Both sides need to put their hands up and admit that we didn’t get everything right, and we made a lot of mistakes, and we need to tell him that we understand the pain you’re going through.” The king can do that.”

The headline writers may have been less cautious, but Grandfather himself refused to study whether such a meeting was actually planned, adding that other parties in the palace were “quickly reformed, to say the least.” “Strategy advocates the opposite strategy.

She also revealed that William is “burning” with anger over Harry’s book, suggesting that it may be a long time before Harry and William meet to talk, although the same source pushed back against that interpretation. , and said they believed William would actually sit down. Run away with Hari if it is in the interest of the nation.

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In the story The Sunday Times It was interesting to seasoned observers not because what the source suggested might (or might not) happen, but because it showed clear evidence of partisanship in King Charles’s court. There is, we must assume, a faction in the palace that wants Charles to make peace with Harry.

Scorned by GB News presenter Don Wootton as a “palace weasel”, the theme was also picked up by author Tom Bower, who said at a recent dinner that Charles had shown a willingness to confront and admonish Harry. was (Both Wootton and Bower have been fierce critics of Harry and Meghan.)

Bower asked him to act more aggressively. Charles is unlikely to do this; Confronting Harry and increasing the row may please Bower, but it will please Harry’s book publishers.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (L), England’s Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (2nd L), England’s Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (3rd L), England’s Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (3rd R), England Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (2nd R) and Britain’s Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (R) walk into Westminster Abbey after attending the annual Commonwealth Service in London on March 9, 2020.

Phil Harris/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

The feeling that the warring parties in the palace might be flying kites was reinforced by a story. the sun He wanted to throw it away The Sunday Times The story about the reconciliation meeting, according to a source: “There has been no conversation or communication.” And a source told The Daily Beast’s Clive Irving: “Silence is the only option open to them, and it’s been effective so far, in that now, finally, at least here, the story is going down. The king is really with his son. Loves him, and wants to hold the door open for him. He doesn’t argue by not answering.”

Irving’s source has an intimate knowledge of the royalist’s mood at the palace (Charles’ office declined to comment for this article, as did Harry’s) where The Daily Beast understands, with the Sussexes not saying anything. And not getting involved is the real decision. It appears to be caused by events to be correct.

If anything, doing nothing is hard. It’s not hard to see why when the other options are so unpalatable: holding a peace summit with Harry or forcibly removing him from his family, i.e. stripping him of his titles, both could Easily serve to oxygenate the fire. He laughed.

It’s great to just keep on going, so many people think. As one insider told The Daily Beast last week, it’s about actions speaking louder than words.

Public support for Meghan and Harry appears mixed. The memoir was a runaway bestseller—on Tuesday it was announced as Britain’s fastest-selling non-fiction book. However, in the polls, Harry’s support has declined while Charles and Camilla’s support has only taken a small bump, according to YouGov. Harry and Meghan’s numbers are across the board and, surprisingly, the over-65s in England now have a lower opinion of Harry than Prince Andrew.

Harry may apologize, but there is no indication that Charles feels under any pressure to provide it. But Harry has now painted himself into a corner and suggests he won’t come to the crown without an apology.

He might not catch his breath.


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