Pvs 31 Night Vision

Pvs 31 Night Vision – Well, things have moved quickly since my last Good Friday. I wrote about turning the crazy PVS-31 into a night vision device. I also mentioned a new nightmare house called BNVD-1431. In a very short time, I was able to get my hands on the BNVD-1431 housing. It is similar to the PVS-31 but the most important is the PVS-14 optics. There is a drama and mystery surrounding the haunted house of the night that just needs to be looked at carefully.

I have to thank my dream partner for the night, JW. If you remember him with the ANVIS-10 team. He pointed me to BNVD-1431. At the time of writing, the only information about 1431 is multiple Instagram accounts. No other information was available, and 1431 only had pictures and some videos that didn’t tell much about them.

Pvs 31 Night Vision

In addition to the quad tube GPNVG-18, the PVS-31 is the second most important device with a night cap. What our special teams use to add value. The problem is that the PVS-31 is very expensive. If you find a set, it will set you back $10k-$12k+ depending on the seller. The BNVD-1431 is similar to the PVS-31 with the added benefit of using PVS-14 optics. Why is this difficult? Service and maintenance. The PVS-31 uses proprietary optics. So if it breaks, you won’t find replacement parts. On the other hand, the PVS-14 optics are excellent.

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Additionally, the rear sight of the PVS-31 does not have an adjustable diopter. If you have vision problems, wear corrective glasses when using PVS-31s or upgrade to standard L3 diopters. By reusing the PVS-14 optics on the BNVD-1431, you can use a compatible device such as a filter or COTI. An adapter for COTI to connect to PVS-31 lenses is optional.

How did I find the BNVD-1431 housing? Well, due to a slight misunderstanding the self-reported source of the BNVD-1431 houses sent me BNVD-1431 as an apology for using my photo as his. A picture of my daughter looking at my PVS-7. I appreciated the fact that he apologized and changed the pictures and asked that house 1431 be sent. There are many unsubstantiated claims that the Instagram accounts take people’s money for nothing. However, I have found the opposite. They are not taking money because BNVD-1431 is not selling well. I don’t know what this is. Well, we have one so let’s dive in and see what it’s all about.

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NODs (Night Observation Devices) are more expensive than regular glasses. They are easy because the eye drops of the monocular pods are articulated and flip up like a shutter on a DeLorean.

It is better to use both eyes than one eye. This is why double lens night vision goggles are better than a monocular. Sometimes a monocular is better. Better understanding of events in mixed media environments, e.g. This is where night vision comes into play. You can take one of these options and use only one monocular. Or in the rare case that one of your image generator tubes dies, you can remove the damage.

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For some reason, it is better to roll one of the pans up and out of the way, rather than folding the whole helmet and placing it on top of the helmet. How to get in and out of a car. If you want to use the optic with one eye but still see at night with the other eye. Having a light source also helps when storing double tube rings at night. You can move the hooks in closer to the helmet. The center of gravity of the glasses has moved. This will bring the weight closer to the helmet and reduce the pressure on your forehead.

But descriptive NODs are not new. DTNVG and Act In Black do the same thing. The PVS-15 communicates clearly but neither the DTNVG nor the PVS-31 can. Even some BNVD (Binocular Night Vision Device) have monocular lenses. What distinguishes the design of the PVS-31 is its weight and the use of battery packs. Like the PVS-31, the BNVD-1431 has a Fischer port on the side to accept the battery pack.

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I met a friend who had a real PVS-31A. His battery pack was able to power the 1431. I removed an AA battery from the 1431 and sure enough, the PVS-31 battery powered it properly. I was also able to power the 1431 with the FMA GPNVG battery pack.

It has been suggested that the BNVD-1431 simply modified the additional housing for the FMA PVS-31. It’s not. You can see that the gray lines are not straight. The mold lines on the 1431 are identical to the original PVS-31. Also, the BNVD-1431 seems to use glass-coated nylon for the interior while the FMA is synthetic plastic. It looks very similar to the polymer used to build ANVIS buildings.

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Compared to the DTNVG, the DTNVG has a smaller profile than the 1431. The tower of the 1431 carries a slightly longer dovetail than the DTNVG. This lowers the 1431 which means you have to raise your mount so that the same color dots match your eyes.

As mentioned earlier, PVS-31 is famous for its weight. It only weighs a kilo. It is similar to 15. However, the weight of BNVD-1431 is less than 21.2 pounds. 1.2 hours longer than my DTNVGs. The DTNVGs have a polymer infinity focus ring while the 1431s are aluminum but I don’t think the difference is weight. The 1431 uses an AA battery which is lighter than the CR123 that powers the DTNVG but only weighs 7 grams according to my kitchen scale.

Several people have asked me how good the house is. It looks good. Comparing it to reality I can’t see the difference. The housing of the PVS-31 has a granite look while the 1431 has a corrugated iron look. As I said before the ANVIS polymer looks like it leads me to believe it is made of nylon filled glass. I’ve seen several pictures and articles of broken PVS-31s. The reality is not so strong.

One thing the DTNVG does not have but the 1431 and the PVS-31 are PD stops. Pupillary distance is the distance between the irises. The silver screws you see below are attached to the black plastic brackets. Tighten or loosen to adjust the vibration distance. On the way, the monocular fell, and a vibration hit the side of the bridge. If you don’t touch the condom to wipe, the drops will be in front of you all the time.

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An/pvs 31 Dummy, Black

One of the things the 1431 and the DTNVG share is the on/off switch that keeps the device on the helmet. However, like the PVS-31, the 1431 is editable. DTNVG is editable but not user selectable. At 1431 you press the power button 4 times and the red indicator light flashes in the left display. You are now on your way to automatic shutdown. If you press the power button 4 times, the device will not turn off when properly seated. You have to do this when 1431 is enabled.

The DTNVGs have less effect on the 1431. When you lift the monocular capsule, the power closes to the amplifier tube. Not so with 1431.

There are pros and cons to using PVS-14 traps. It’s big, so it blocks your view of the surroundings. It is easier to see around PVS-31 than it is to see around PVS-14. However, the focus is still small enough that you can push the 1431 out of your eyes before the lens starts to block your view. Another disadvantage is weight. The PVS-14 mask is a significant part of its weight. I ordered DEP ether paints which are supposed to be light with a large eye box.

The PVS-31 eyepieces are longer than the PVS-14 eyepieces used in the 1431. But the objective lenses

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