Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra 4K web camera $300

4K webcam

Razer this month launched its new Razer Kiyo Pro Webcam equipped with an integrated shutter that allows you to enjoy complete privacy after you’ve finished streaming, twisting the web cameras frame to comfortably and completely cover the lens. The 4K webcam is able to convert raw 4K 30 FPS (or 1080P 60FPS) footage into uncompressed 4K 24 FPS, 1440P 30 FPS or 1080P 60 FPS video directly to your stream.

Equipped with an 8.3 megapixel sensor and cutting-edge processor, the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra captures 3.9 times more light compared to other webcams, ensuring exceptional detail and color for professional-grade content creation, says Razer. The Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra 4K webcam is now available for purchase directly from Razer’s official online store as well as other online retailers such as Amazon priced at $300.

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4K webcam streaming

Capable of providing DSLR-like 4K Quality and “incredible clarity” in any lighting conditions, the AI-powered video imaging system, the webcam can capture still images with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels of video at 4K 30FPS / 1440P 30FPS / 1080p @ 60. /30/24FPS / 720P @ 60/30 FPS depending on your needs.

“Better image quality starts with bigger sensors. So go for the best with the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra—featuring the largest sensor ever in a webcam. Coupled with an ultra-large aperture lens for great low-light performance, witness DSLR-like details and clarity that surpass all other 4K webcams Featuring a larger sensor with a 2.9 μm pixel size, the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra captures 3.9x more light compared to other webcams, ensuring exceptional detail and color for professional content creation degree

4K webcam

“To maximize the sensor’s full potential, the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra is equipped with a custom lens that can let in vast amounts of light, providing crisp, clear images even in low-light conditions. See what we mean with this raw, pristine footage. Always stay sharp and well-lit with a webcam that can not only track your face and maintain constant focus, but automatically adjusts light levels to keep your face perfectly exposed.”

Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra 4K Webcam

“Add more visual detail and texture at 30 FPS, creating colors, even for the darkest and lightest tones. Automatically refine the light and contrast of the webcam while correcting over and underexposed areas. The lens of the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra can artistically blur the background keeping you clearly in focus without the need for software, adding a real sense of depth and dimension to every shot.”

Source: Razer

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