Real-time Analytics News for Week Ending January 28

In this week’s real-time analytics news: McKinsey announced the acquisition of Iguazio with the goal of “dramatically accelerating and scaling AI deployments.”

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McKinsey announced the acquisition of Iguazu. With the addition of Iguazio’s technology and a team of more than 70 data and AI experts, McKinsey will be able to dramatically accelerate and scale AI deployments, driving increased impact for clients. Some of McKinsey’s efforts in this area have come from its QuantumBlack, an AI by McKinsey group that has been working with clients for more than a decade to embed AI into real-time decision-making to help solve the world’s toughest problems. By working with Iguazio, QuantumBlack will immediately be able to provide customers with industry-specific AI solutions that are five times more productive, eight times faster from proof of concept to production, and twice as reliable.

AWS announced the general availability of Amazon OpenSearch Serverless, the serverless option for Amazon OpenSearch Service that makes it easy to run search and analytics workloads without even having to think about infrastructure management. Self-managed OpenSearch and managed OpenSearch Service are widely used to search and analyze petabytes of data. Both options give customers full control over the configuration of compute, memory and storage resources in clusters, which allows them to optimize cost and performance for their applications.

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Real-time analytics news in a nutshell

Airbyte announced its Free Connector Program, which provides free use of any data pipeline on Airbyte Cloud that uses alpha or beta connectors – giving organizations easy access to all their data. With its open source model and paid Contributor Program, Airbyte is addressing the long tail industry need for connectors that are otherwise never addressed. Most of its open source connectors will be available for use with Airbyte Cloud by the end of the quarter, making more than 200 connectors part of the free connector program.

Domino Data Lab unveiled new offers in its partner program. New accreditations, training and validated ecosystem integrations will enable Domino’s partners to expand the use of its platform alongside other data science ecosystem technologies. Domino’s two new partner accreditation programs include the Domino Data Science Management Credential and the Domino Management Credential.

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Lotham announced the launch of Spherical, a next-generation data platform for accelerating first-party data. The platform will extend first-party data living in data warehouses or customer data platforms (CDP) into the madtech ecosystem. Major CDPs integrated with Lotame at Spherical’s launch include BlueConic, Meiro, mParticle, Rudderstack, Salesforce, Simon Data, Tealium and Treasure Data. Lotame plans to expand support to additional CDPs on an ongoing basis.

Next Pathway Inc. announced its next-generation code translation software for intelligent automated cloud migrations. With SHIFT Cloud, Next Pathway introduces a new approach to moving legacy workloads from data warehouses and data lakes to the cloud. Customers can now upload, analyze and translate their entire legacy code base, including SQL code and ETL pipelines, to the cloud destination of their choice in a self-service capacity.

Three hundred announced the general availability of Tricentis Test Automation, a cloud-based test automation solution that simplifies test creation, instrumentation and scalable test execution. The solution enables easier collaboration between QA teams and their business stakeholders and faster, higher-quality and longer-lasting releases of web-based applications and business processes.

Varonis Systems announced the release of automated posture management to help customers effortlessly resolve security and compliance gaps across their SaaS and IaaS environments. Varonis continuously scans, detects and prioritizes cloud security risks — giving CISOs and compliance officers real-time visibility into their data security posture. With this new automation capability, customers can automatically fix misconfigurations in apps like Salesforce and AWS from a single interface with one click.

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Venafi introduced TLS Protect for Kubernetes. As part of the Venafi Control Plane for machine identities, the solution enables security and platform teams to easily and securely manage cloud-native machine identities, such as TLS, mTLS and SPIFFE, across the entire multi-cloud and multi-cluster enterprise. Kubernetes environments. By delivering increased visibility, control and automation over machine identity management within more complex cloud-native infrastructures, it helps enterprises improve application reliability and reduce development and operational costs.

Wing Security (Wing) announced that its unobtrusive discovery engine is now completely free, with no time limits or hidden fees. While many organizations offer SaaS discovery capabilities, few provide security teams with a means to mitigate the problems they find, leaving customers as exposed as before. Wing is committed to changing this for free, but also by delivering innovative and automated mitigation capabilities, proven to improve protection efforts significantly.

Yugabyte today announced the general availability of YugabyteDB Voyager—a unified database migration solution. With YugabyteDB Voyager, organizations of all sizes can leave behind the limitations of legacy and single-cloud databases and accelerate their cloud and application modernization initiatives by seamlessly evolving to an end-to-end cloud-native, distributed architecture.

Partnerships, collaborations and more

New Relic announced the general availability of the Azure Native New Relic Service in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace helping businesses accelerate their cloud migration and multi-cloud initiatives. Microsoft Azure customers can now subscribe to the New Relic service to collect telemetry data for applications and infrastructure and store that telemetry data in Azure. In addition, Azure customers can allocate their multi-year committed Azure spend to leverage New Relic, making it significantly easier for customers to allocate budget for all-in-one observability.

Agiloft announced the launch of ConvoAI, which enables ALL users, not just contracting professionals, to have an interactive conversation with their contracts by asking questions in natural language to find details easily and intuitively in their contracts. In partnership with Cognizer AI and leveraging Cognizer’s Genius contract intelligence platform, Agiloft’s ConvoAI delivers an advanced natural language information discovery experience to the contract lifecycle management (CLM) market.

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At Scale announced an expansion of its integration with Data bars. AtScale enables Databricks customers to build a “Semantic Lakehouse” to democratize data, enable self-service business intelligence (BI) and deliver a high-performance analytics experience without extracting data from their cloud lakehouse.

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Domino Data Lab announced that it is expanding and strengthening its partner channel through a partnership with TD SYNEX. Domino’s enterprise MLOps platform is now available through TD SYNNEX’s global technology distribution and aggregation services to help businesses in more than 100 countries scale data science quickly and easily.

Nap announced that it is now available as part of AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights, a unified web-based dashboard powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that gives management, risk and compliance teams access to security and compliance information. AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights is supported on the Dremio Cloud – Enterprise Edition listing on AWS Marketplace.

harness announced the acquisition of Propelo and the general availability of its Harness Software Engineering Insights module. Specifically, Propelo is now available as the Harness Software Engineering Insights module—the eighth module in the Harness Platform—providing solutions for the entire software delivery lifecycle (SDLC).

HEART announced that it is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to simplify deploying, managing and securing massive IoT solutions. In such deployments, with the myriad network connection technologies and widespread and often remote or hard-to-reach devices, the security risks can be heightened. To address these issues, KORE launched its OmniSIM SAFE using AWS IoT Core to reduce security challenges associated with global Massive IoT and large-scale IoT deployments.

KnowBe4 announced that its PhishER product now integrates with the Revelstoke platform KnowBe4 and Revelstoke, the next-level Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform provider, will reduce dangerous threats by leveraging Revelstoke’s simplified SOAR platform with KnowBe4’s PhishER, which helps automatically prioritize emails to help IT/security professionals respond to threats. faster

The Math Company announced the availability of its CPG Marketing Mix Planner on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. TheMathCompany’s customers can now take advantage of the productive and reliable Azure cloud platform with simplified deployment and management.

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