Responding to U.S. Storms, Winter in Ukraine

by Maeve O’Connor

For the past seven days, Direct Relief has been delivered 307 shipments of requested medical assistance to 41 US states and territories and to nine countries worldwide.

The shipments are 793,751 defined daily doses of medication, incl insulin, surgical supplies, personal care products and more.

US storms

Last week, a series of severe storm systems moved across the United States, including Direct Relief’s home state of California. Northern California communities were particularly affected, with power outages, infrastructure damage, and even some levee breaches.

Direct Relief offered its immediate medical inventory to health facilities throughout California and other states affected by the weather. On Wednesday, Direct Relief staff were present in Montecito, California, to help distribute sandbags to residents affected by flooding.

Multiple shipments left the Direct Relief warehouse Thursday, including the shipment of 400 personal care kits to Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless in Northern California. The kits contain items such as soap, shampoo and dental hygiene supplies.

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Read more about the latest shipments in response to this week’s storms here.

Content support for Ukraine

From February 24, Direct Relief has provided medical aid to Ukraine weighing more than 2.3 million pounds, or 1,150 tons, with more on the way.

Critical supplies have recently been delivered to Ukraine through Direct Relief, including cancer medications, emergency medical backpacks, cardiovascular drugs, and more.



This week, Direct Relief launched 529,944 prescribed daily doses of medication outside the US

Among the countries that received medical aid in the past week were:

  • Ukraine
  • Uganda
  • Sri Lanka
  • Vanuatu
  • India
  • Romania
  • Haiti
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Relief Directly delivered 291 shipments containing 263,806 doses of mugs  in the last week for organisations, including the following:

  • HealthNet of Rock County, Inc., Wisconsin
  • Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative Pharmacy, Mississippi
  • Guadalupe Clinic, Kansas
  • Comprehensive Health Services Morton, Oklahoma
  • Ohio Debt Reduction, Ohio
  • Arkansas Debt Reduction Project, Arkansas
  • Debt Reduction Coalition Atlanta, Georgia
  • Trac-B Exchange, Nevada
  • Belmont Health Center, California


From January 1, 2023, Direct Relief has been delivered 137 shipments to 118 healthcare providers in 24 US states and territories and one country.

The shipments are 211,010 defined daily doses of medication valued at $1.8 million (wholesale), amounting to 2,520 lbs.

in the news

  • Direct Relief helps Montecito residents fill sandbags – Yahoo! News: “The Direct Relief Emergency Response Team stopped by Manning Park in Montecito to help residents fill sandbags. Crews assisted the public by loading the sandbags into their vehicles.”
  • WHO Situation Report in Ukraine: “Last week the World Health Organization delivered insulin and pharmaceutical refrigeration equipment to medical facilities in Kherson. The medical supplies were funded by the German Federal Ministry of Health, the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), Direct Relief, and the Office of Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Affairs.”
  • Relief Grants Direct $7.9M in Medical Aid to Ukraine – Santa Barbara Independent: “Direct Relief, a humanitarian charity operating out of Santa Barbara, has been very busy this month, announcing that its recent initiatives include granting $7.9 million in cash aid to help Ukrainians who have suffered injuries or trauma in the access to medical care and rehabilitation. services.”


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