Season 4, Episode 10, “It Was All a Dream”

Lockheed Steinfeld as Darius

Lockheed Steinfeld as Darius
picture: Guy D’Alema/FX

Have fun with it episode Atlanta The End I tried to go into this series finale with zero expectations, but of course I had some. I expected it to be unconventional in that Atlanta path, which for me is the default for cooling. Even the trailer looks pretty cool, alAlthough it would obviously be a Darius adventure. And yet, I don’t expect anything with my hopes, yet I do Not ready for this absolute perfect mind awesome Atlanta The episode, directed by Murray and written by Glover. Well done, all of you.

The episode started off cooler than I thought at the beginning, with the placement of Dari dialects Judge Judy As Arn et al prepare to leave. Everything about this scene is so deliberate yet subtle; It is not clear until then The second hour, the opening shot of Dariush looks like a tank. With that sweet voice, Judge Judy, and a Popeyes commercial to serve More important later. The dialogue with our main trio of men is pretty natural, as Darius starts on his own before they all go off to meet Vaughn (though I wish they’d cut out the Johnny Depp joke). Also, I appreciated that there were nods to the characters’ arcs in the last few episodes, with Van sharing his desires and “old macdonald’s A song about Al Saif Farm.

When Carrie Summer (!!!!) showed up, I was hoping that Darius had found his perfect supernatural soul and that they would end the episode together, but I also appreciated the dialogue as I don’t know. . In addition to sensory deprivation The Simpsons The episode is part of the success of this event Atlanta There are two modes: augmented reality and ground surrealism. When he goes to London, his wild ex-boyfriend who can pass the sobriety test while crossed, it’s a part that feels like reality. Atlanta. He seems like a character that could have popped up in something like the first seasonof thethe clubEven to the point of stealing a policeman’s gun. After he runs over the kid, and Darius drops the stolen gun, this is the moment when the gun goes off and he wakes up. A complete surprise, because everything was perfectly organized… except for how it really felt to lose consciousness. So out of hereI question everything that happens to him.

“Tea in the Tea Room” moment and lots of laughs: Is Darius still in the tank, or are there more laughing women? It really looks like it could be both, but then Darius gets pulled away. Then we have this beautiful and simple scene of Darius meeting his brother, the only time we interact with his personal history aside from the Nigerian restaurant.White fashion“It all feels so real, until he sees Judge Judy’s dick. Then there it is The moment he woke up And he woke up, and he was the lastHe screamed as the door closed in his tank. Did he ever go out? Has he ever gone out?

Meanwhile, Ern, Al, and Van iNot a completely different story where it is strongly implied that Darius will appear late After the story ends. Van’s Friend (Candace?) has invested in Atlanta’s first black-owned sushi restaurant run by a chef who studied under sushi masters in Japan. This is black sushi fusion, in a place that was a blockbuster And still have candy on the racks. The towels are not all white, but a random type. Apparently the sous chef calls out “sup” instead of “yeah, chef.” Al (and I) was immediately suspicious, and he looked at a Popeyes across the street. (Van is slightly opposed, but quickly decides not to eat.)

    Zazie Betz as Wayne and Donald Glover as Marcus

Zazie Betz as Wayne and Donald Glover as Marcus
picture: Guy D’Alema/FX

When removing the main food, the notorious potentially poisonous blowfish (another piece The Simpsons (Knowledge), Al’s done, Van’s done, Ma’s done… and Arn still wants to support the culture. Then MasterChef DeMarcus shows up and delivers a true-to-life monologue like Kirkwood Chocolate. ((Based on a quick Google, sushi is traditionally served at room temperature to achieve the best taste experience, and the chef prepares the food. empty handed.) The man has a point that the phrase “black-owned sushi” shouldn’t automatically make you pause (although Blockbuster of it all probably doesn’t help). This is a very honest, interesting speech that raises questions within the culture. But then Darius punches the crazy chef in the face before forcing him to eat the blowfish. They all speed off in a stolen pink Maserati.

The last scene is some start– Type the sheet in the best way, not a sloppy reproduction but a smart example of it Glover believes that the audience has been suspended since the invisible car And that brings us all back for a brief moment. have The last four seasons of the show were just Darius Tank dreams? Teddy Perkins, Thomas Washington, and Ernest Marx would have you believe it. But in the end, the episode lets it go the audience. We don’t see if Judge Judy is fat or not. The group that thinks “it was all a dream” is a great rip off of the trope, and the others are mad that the trope was even a possibility. Can fight it out on Reddit. But you cannot deny that it is so the best Atlanta end up

I’m really glad this show left us. I assume there will be naysayers about the ending, because you can find naysayers on literally anything. I focus on the art of storytelling, the way it misled us several times with Darius, placed another social-commentary monologue in the B-plot, and did it all so flawlessly. Tomorrow I’ll be sad that a show like this is over, but tonight I’m going back with a smile on my face, happy that Glover and Atlanta The team has to create their own unique, expressive, creative, best show.

Pathless andObservations

  • I’m writing this in a bit of a hurry, but I’m very excited to find two books for this episode later.
  • Seriously, I’m going to make a derivative of it.”old macdonald’s A song to toast my friends for the next few months.
  • I think this event is very secretive Atlanta logo yet, and I’m very happy about it. It’s like they’re going, “Dude, you know what you’re looking at. You know our style. We’ve got to say it.”
  • I’m kind of surprised Papis hasn’t been talked about Atlanta up to now. It’s a subject that would have felt too dated if they hadn’t found a unique angle. (Glad they did.)
  • Lots of good jokes in this episode. Like Al on Popeyes: “Smelling like a manager means hell.”
  • I really think London would be so wild if it wasn’t for the tank dream. Maybe not stealing a cop’s gun, but maybe a bottle of weed, vodka, and beer.
  • The shot of Darius looking through the window at Al, Van, and Arn was sweet. I will miss those four.
  • It was a pleasure for all of you to review this.


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