Shots fired! Owners consider ‘going rogue’ with exhibitions

As for shots across the bow, we’ve seen much heavier ammunition than this.

But the opposite of fire is the opposite of fire, so attention should be paid to its presence, even if it only feels like a warning shot.

NASCAR’s top teams, under the umbrella of the Race Team Alliance, have strategically put out the word that they are exploring the possibility of running their own exhibition races as early as one year.

It’s a nice little wave, I’d say.

According to a report this past week in the sports world’s premier organ for such things – the Sports Business Journal – the RTA has hired a marketing agency to “explore exhibition race opportunities domestically and internationally.”

The request was deemed “too exploratory.”

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Two longtime NASCAR team owners with interests in sports finance, Richard Childress and Rick Hendricks.

And very interesting, given what this signal contains.

NASCAR’s current network TV contract — the cash spigot that fuels most of the parade — runs through 2024, and major teams have said the old way, which is also the current way, can no longer be the only way.

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The distribution of long-term TV money is 65% to the track, 25% to the teams, 10% to NASCAR.


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