SOULFLY has hired Mike Dillion As his new guitarist.

of the Max Cavallera– The front dress is announced DillionThe group was added in a social media post today (Thursday, January 5). SOULFLY shared a picture Max and drama Zyon Cavalera along with Mikeand includes the following caption: “Welcome Mike Dillionyou SOULFLY People!”

Before joining SOULFLY, Dillion was a member Pantera the singer Philip AnselmoA solo band Philip H. Anselmo and Illegalwhich he joined as a substitute in 2015 Mirza Montazeri. Recently, Mike filled for Zack Weld In the first rehearsal for the fall of 2022 Pantera shows

In August 2021, SOULFLY The longtime guitarist broke up Mark Rizzo Due to personal differences. The Fear Factoryof the Dino Cazares to play the guitar SOULFLY In the band’s recent releases.

SOULFLY He will embark on a major US tour later this month. The 57-date tour will run from late January to early April, and will support Florida’s Death Filters. body boxPROGRESSIVE METALLERS OF MARYLAND Half heard voicesLos Angeles Industrialists DRIFT and metals of Botswana SKINFLINT.

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SOULFLY Continuing to tour in support of his twelfth album, “totem”which was released in August A nuclear explosion. Follow up to 2018 “ritual” Recorded in Platinum underground By in Mesa, Arizona John Aquino and Arthur Rizk with the help John Powers. Produced by Max besides Arthur Rizk ((Crater, Municipal waste, Code Orange), featuring guest appearances from the LP John Powers ((Eternal hero)Chris Alsh ((A power trip) and John Tardy ((OBITUARY). sustenance Also was responsible for playing lead guitar on the record. The artwork for the album was created by James Bozema.

last august, Max Talk to “Speak Tommy” The podcast is about what it was like to make SOULFLY Without the album Rizzo, who was in the band for 17 years before leaving the group. He said: “When [anything] As it happens, this is an opportunity to do something different, to bring in new blood. in particular [with] SOULFLYthere is always this motto of changing people over time.

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“I like that the record had a little bit of a struggle [to it]. These are some of my favorite records – the ones that aren’t smooth sailing. “They have drama in it,” he continued. and ‘totem’ It’s full of drama. the whole Rizzo It was its own soap opera. It’s, like, come on, man.

“So I saw it as an opportunity to do a few things. And we took that opportunity, by having as much as we could. Dino Playing live [with SOULFLY]He explained. “It was incredible. And then on the record itself, I had the opportunity to work with it Eternal hero Guys, I’m a big fan. And they kind of bring old-school heavy metal to Solo – Arthur and John Powers. And I love it; I was totally on board with her. It was different, fresh and new and exciting. red stuff Rizzo The genre has always been the same – a lot of things sound very similar – and this is new and different and exciting. And I felt really good when I was working on the songs and I could hear the solos coming, and it was different and interesting. We just did everything for the record.

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“So there was a bit of a struggle because of the overall Rizzo thing, and it’s in the record’s favor, I think,” Max added because you don’t want to make fun of me, you’re not, you’re making fun of me, yeah, there’s money to be made, I just kind of go into that warrior mode and get angry and get angry and A good moment is coming. From this, speaking of music. So the record has a little bit of anger, a little bit of fire.”

Welcome Mike de Leon, to the Soulfly tribe!

Posted by soulfly on Thursday, January 5th, 2023


Posted by soulfly on Thursday, January 5th, 2023


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