Stock Miata Wheels

Stock Miata Wheels – NA/NB Tires & Wheels *** Sponsored by The Tire Rack. *** Thinking of new tires or wheels for your Miata? Wondering what wheels are different or what a set of wheels looks like?

This car came with 10 year tires on Motegi MR7 wheels (16×7). It came with what I believe to be Enkei wheels, which look graphite in color – the wheels sold for this package, are all shown below. (16×6.5)

Stock Miata Wheels

THAT’S IT! I *need* new tires, and may be in the market for new wheels. NIGHT. got this MR7 because I don’t like the combination of Graphite and Sunlight Silver. I can agree, although I think I should see for myself. This is an example of one, try to match the picture below.

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The Enkei / stock wheels are in good condition (like new), but I understand they weigh 18 (or 19.4!) lbs. Should I get new tires to save weight? Part of me wants to keep this as stock, since it’s a 2004 with 22,500 miles! But, I also feel that lighter wheels are usually better, and if I need new tires again, I have the option of choosing another wheel/larger wheel, and some even have speech to bring.

The question of “how many wheels / tires” and “what kind of tires” – I know – is very controversial, but if people want to talk, here it is:

The weather is just warm, which means that summer tires are an option, but not your daily driver, so it opens up some solid options, if you want them. Depending on how much coverage you need, and how many miles you drive, summer tires are at the top of the list.

Rain is a possibility, so don’t get the Dunlop Direzza DZ102, or any other tire that gets too wet.

Nc Miata Wheels

Hard, cold, bumpy roads. With that measurement, I’ll go 15 light.” The wheel weighs about 15 pounds, less than a 13. Easy to ride with a 15, harder with a 16 . Good position and your mobility on rough roads. will be seriously affected by low weight, so don’t think about Motegis weight. Also, the 15″ high top of the wall will help prevent damage.

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You can do it cheap and go for NB 15 shares, and that will help you make your decision to hold that share. Although it is not compatible with 2004, it is worth putting it on NB.

And finally, your fit on dirt roads. This little thing in the mix makes me shy away from cool summer skins, because of the lack of clearance. Something like a Dunlop Star Spec, BFG Rival, or a Conti ECS can be a breeze on dirt roads. (Not dirt, I know, but dirt roads in rural Northern New England can be very difficult). But, again, “probably” is not an absolute.

So, all that said, my advice is to get a nice clean 15. Either 15×6 or 15×7. The added weight, along with rough roads, the loss of grip may not be worth increasing the angle. Lots of options in 15×7 under 13lbs, whatever style you want. I recommend +35 offset.

Na Miata Buyer’s Guide

Tires, I recommend 205/50R15 or 195/55R15, depending on your preference. The 205/50R15 has a lot of options if you like a lot of bad stuff, with many “200tw” road tires available in that size, but also road tires like the Conti ECS or the BF Goodrich G Force Sport. Comp 2, and the exciting new Yokohama Advan Fleva, the popular S.Drive. Avoid the Direzza DZ102, they are terrible with moisture.

If you want something that looks less aggressive for off-road use, and rides better, while still having a sporty feel, go for the 195/55r15. There are a few summer options, such as Fleva, G Force Comp 2, and some of the aforementioned “200tw” tires, but there is also a good selection of All Season performance tires, from the end of the performance down. . , such as the very capable General Altimax RT43, or the Premier Michelin (I have one, and I love it. PHENOMENAL wet grip, but still happy to ride in dry conditions), there Fall performance of the real season, surprisingly. . well the Kumho Ecsta 4x or Kumho Ecsta PA31 has been tested. (Avoid Hankook Ventus V2. Dangerous in water)

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If ride quality and off-road capability are more important to you than being able to get into a crash at 70 mph, give it a full season. They will always be happy and happy, especially on the suspension of products, and will fit well with the characteristics of the car. The handling limits are low, but that means you can also try to “handle” the car at low speed (in the old saying “handling is what you get after”. , to control and agree).

I know I didn’t give you solid answers about tires (only tires), but I hope I helped give you good information to make your decision.

Nb1 Lowered On Stock Wheels With Spacers…in Case Anyone Was Wondering.

What does Wyldesoul say? I can’t speak for the dirt roads of New England, but I have a lot of experience with the dirt roads of Georgia, even with cars. Unless we’re talking about a big tractor that doesn’t do well on wet and muddy roads. On light vehicles like the Miata (or in my experience, the TR6), consider the dangers of hydroplaning. When it is wet on muddy banks, or worn out, it is not useful to tread the road tires because they are full after about two revolutions. Slip Limited is very useful on dirt roads.

I know I’m speaking to the choir, but Wyldesoul has already said a lot of good things.

If it rains, I don’t want to take this on a dirty road. (Maybe I’ll hesitate to take it outside if it rains, but something can change a little from nothing).

If you want wheels, use them. Sure you can buy lighter wheels, but the difference isn’t as big as some say. TireRack, the partner of this, has a test model that shows the difference in the performance of light and heavy tires on a difficult test track, a kart track in fact, it is in the end of the error. In other words, there was little, if any, difference in performance on their tests. On the other hand, TireRack compares the lightness and weight of the tires, what they prided themselves on the weight of the tires is the better car and did not feel the imperfection of the road. It’s 10 pounds less on my 95 Miata, and 20 pounds on my 91 Miata, and I can’t find fault with what TireRack found. So yes, if you like wheels it might be something to consider. If you need new wheels, Wyldesoul has a great idea.

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As for tires, I’ve been wanting good Grand Touring tires like the Michelin Premiers lately. On the road it looks like 90 percent of the handling of last summer’s tires, they are three times longer, they are more comfortable and quiet, and they do not threaten to kill you if you suddenly found on the ground. cold spirit. Coming from Maine, you know that you can start a degree at 60 degrees and finish at 20 degrees in the spring or fall, which means the heat is not the whole school. UHP warm tires alone can be a lot of fun (I have Star Specs on two of my Miatas), but they can be tiresome for anything that isn’t. a powerful example. The GT’s tires are just as comfortable in aggressive, relaxed mode for a smooth, consistent ride. I agree with Wyldesoul about the tire width, because the narrower tires can sometimes fit and therefore ride better, and I also know that I can get a better car. more accurate and seen with a narrow boat. Narrow tires will be better in mud or snow.

95, 95, 91; Clean shelves; SD, FCM, & NB HD B6 Bilsteins; Enkei RPF1 & Braid Fullrace TA wheels; RB & Mazdaspeed Bars; Cibies & PIAA; Liters of fire

In addition, it helps to go to a summer skin. My two best tips would be

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