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CW Bringing you the latest arts and entertainment news from around the Canberra region. This week’s highlights include the return of Gogong and Mysteries on Stage.

February Music Festival in Gugong

Returning after a five-year hiatus, Googfest It is set to bring some of our favorite homegrown players to Rockley Oval on Saturday 4th February.

Bring your dancing shoes and get down to the funky tunes of Smooth Ops, Faumuis, Chloe Kay, and Crusade. Headlining the evening are the ever popular roots-soaked rock sounds of Joe Cimmeri and the Black Sorrows.

Don’t forget to bring a picnic rug to reserve your spot for the fireworks display. Vendors will offer a selection of delicious snacks, while free shuttles are available. The event promises to be a great night for the whole family.

Check out the beats and vibes inside Googfest At Rockley Oval, Googong, February 4 at 5pm;

Go to the Canberra Theater Centre

Canberra visitors will soon be invited to be caught in a wide net – Mouse padthat is – when the Agatha Christie classic comes to Canberra Theater Center in May.

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Celebrating her 70th birthday, the play was originally written for radio and is titled Three blind mice, broadcast in 1947 as a gift for Queen Mary. Guests are stranded at Monksville Manor during a blizzard after a local woman is killed. It soon becomes clear that one of them is the murderer. Will they make it through the storm?

Holding the title of the longest-running play in the world, it began in 1952 with a run at the same venue from 1974 to 1974, when it continues to this day in London’s West End. .

was arrested Mouse pad At Canberra Theatre, May 11-21;

Remote ballot box, used in 1890-1910. Designed to be carried by camel. On loan from the History Trust of South Australia. Photo: Brenton McGeachy/MoAD

MoAD highlights Australia’s progress

The Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD) has opened its new permanent exhibition, Blueprint.

What is Australian democracy? Is it fair, free and accountable? This latest episode highlights what makes our political system unique. Home interactive elements, see if you will be able to vote 50 or even 30 years ago. Hear stories from voices you’ve probably heard, like an 11-year-old who hopes to be prime minister when he grows up.

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You can see how democracy was put into action with the ballot box traveling 500 kilometers back.

A camel, or boomerang-shaped petition calling for constitutional recognition for First Nation peoples. One of the most fascinating pieces is a gown that was hand-stitched for the Federation Ball more than 120 years ago.

Discover our rich history Blueprint at the Museum of Australian Democracy;

Our voices at NFSA

National Film and Sound Archive Sounds of Australia The record was recently expanded by 10 extraordinary things that have shaped our nation.

Each year, audio is nominated for inclusion in the Register by public vote, which then goes to a panel of audio industry experts. The panel assesses the selected pieces on their ability to reflect what life is like in Australia and its cultural and historical relevance.

Last month included Julia Gillard’s famous misogyny speech from 2012. the neighbors Theme song by Barry Crocker (Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent), and Lord Tennyson’s Farewell Address of Hallam from 1904.

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listen to Sounds of Australia Online

Louis Grant in Studio 2022. Photo: Pew Pew Studio

Discover the identity of glasswork

Hot off the hot shop floor, Canberra Glassworks opened its first exhibition for the year, net worthis on display at the Kingston Institution until February 26.

This exhibition showcases the work of four emerging artists as they attempt to navigate concepts of identity, social stereotypes and technology in today’s climate. Each piece is steeped in the history and art of glass making.

Comment on value, including self, perceived, and financial, exploring how it has changed and may continue to change with advancing technology. Asked what the place of handicrafts and their artists can be in the digital world.

Look net worth At Canberra Glassworks until 26 February;

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