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Bachelor’s degreeof the Zach Shallcross
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New season premiere Bachelor’s degreeTwo hours of being waterboarded by workout montages and likable influencers professing their love for a man they haven’t even met yet –There is always a little bit of mentality. Our new Bachelor is Zach Shallcross, and the recurring line of the contestants’ catchy intro was that he has “kind eyes.” Many women also refer to themselves as “the next Mrs. Shalcross,” which doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.

“Some people say, ‘Why me?'” Zack admits in his own voice. It’s a fair question, one that I asked. Host Jesse Palmer says they chose him because “he’s just a genuine person who came here just looking for love and affection.” Sure, John Zack is as smooth and ordinary as most of the men who have filled the bachelor shoes before him –The kind of guy who says “freakin'”But she does have one edge of interest (at least to me): she is related to David Pudi.

If you don’t remember it from Zach’s incredible run this past season Bachelor’s degreeI will refresh your memory. On his hometown date, his uncle Pat spoke in a very deep voice that made me pick up my phone and say, “Is that David Pudi?” yes! Zach’s uncle is Patrick Warburton, who played Elaine’s on-again, off-again boyfriend. Seinfeld. It was never said on the show but lives on in my mind as a rental. I’m looking forward to the full episode with Uncle Pete in the premiere. Alas, he does not appear.

We get a counseling session from Shawn Lowe, literally the only guy in the history of the show to still be with his chosen winner. I will admit that I have a soft spot for Sean Lowe and the vacant way he smiles like a recipient of human gold. His season (back in 2013, yes) was the first time I saw it Bachelor’s degree, and you never forget your first. Why isn’t he hosting this show now?

The producers obviously want Zach to connect with Sean. He is ready to settle in! He wants a family! He’s a Good Boy™! Five minutes into the episode, my three– One year old got out of bed to go to the bathroom and then called out that she pooped and I need to clean her bum. Are you really ready to settle down, Zach? Are you ready to be responsible for wiping someone else’s butt?

Zach’s last line before we go to meet the ladies: “Do I deserve this? I don’t know.” perfect No notes.

We then meet many nurses in their mid-twenties and content creators and medical sales representatives. Zack has already met five of them After the last rosea detail I don’t remember because my brain refuses to retain the information Bachelor’s degree For more than three months. One of them, Brianna, already has a rose (called “America’s Rose”), so she’s safe. The other, Bailey, tried to get her to remember her name by spelling it out with Bailey every day, and then named her Bailey. For the rest, my husband referred to her as Balon Greyjoy (game of thrones) or balin (habitat).

There is also Christina who has five– Old and looks like a potential villain; Rodeo Girl Brooklyn; and Family Physician Charity. It’s hard to look great in an intro video unless you’ve worked with a tragedy or children. To enter the lime!

The first car pulls up and all the girls scream “Boring!” Before saying at the top of their lungs, “I’m beautiful. I’m confident. I’m strong.” In unison like they’re having a session. First out is Jess, who’s so cute she looks like she could play a 15-year-old on a CW show. Her lack of hair extensions and tight contouring make me It makes me root for her, which is what the producers want me to feel. “Nice smile, so cute,” Zach says to himself as he walks into the house. I know they’re doing it for narrative purposes. It does, but it still feels very strange.

There are some normal entries, but then we suffer through the usual tricks. Someone is drinking maple syrup. Bill looks at his crib and says he knows everything is big in Texas. A girl brings a pig; Christina arrives on the party bus; Vanessa went to the Trumpets of New Orleans. They all mix together. Billie (Baloon / Ballin) reminds him about the time he forgot her name, and it gets worse as they suffer from one of the most awkward first kisses I’ve ever seen on this show. He promises to mention her name, but how funny would it have been if he had yelled, “See you later, Brenda!” As she walked in?

Briana is the last to arrive, and she wears a gorgeous red dress covered in roses to match the roses she already has. Good marking, Briana. Zack says he likes her confidence, not realizing how easy it is for a woman to develop confidence when she feels safe. Once he’s inside, Jesse asks Zach if he feels like he just met his wife. “No, really,” he says, “what else do you have?” just kidding. He actually says, “My heart tells meI probably have.”

Zack enters the mansion to address a group of 30 women and begins, “I’m just a dude who’s got family, football, And frozen pizza.” It’s made worse by the fact that he apparently repeated the line and decided it was the winning opening line. The rest could have been cut from any other opening and are pasted Bachelor Toast, and then the night is a blur of sudden acquaintance – you walk and the first kiss. Zack and Kathryn bond over how they’re both “weird” and is there anything worse than two hot people insisting that they’re really big weirdos? Cristina pushes him onto the party bus to play matching quizzes, including the important “dAnasur or dragon? (Zach chooses the dragon, which Cristina disappoints.) A woman forces him to show off his future father. By changing the diaper on the moon of the baby, which looks like. Get this thing in M3GAN Conclusion

His first impression goes to Rose Greer, who makes a good game of talking about how much she wants to settle down in Austin, the city where she lives. Their kiss escalates into a make-out session that prompts the most exciting moment of the night. “who’s this?” someone asks as they try to see who Zach is kissing. “It’s that girl!” Another woman screams.

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Because this episode has to follow the same beat of every premiere, someone has to fill the crazy role, and that someone is Madison. They talk casually, but her obsession with getting the first impression rose causes her to pull out a second time and go in for a kiss they both immediately recognize as horrible. “I’m going to let you go,” Zach says to end their conversation the same way I do when I’m on the phone with someone I no longer want to talk to. Madison spent the rest of the night on the move before confronting Zach before the rose ceremony, forcing her to dump him minutes earlier. “I can’t believe I gave my life for him!” He cries to the producers on the way. the girl

It’s finally time for the rose ceremony and it’s fully afternoon the next day. The sun is high in the sky as she holds the roses. The people who go home are the ones we don’t invest in, surprise! Once they leave, Zack says he’s here to find his best friend, which is obviously the mantra of the season. I hope that Zack’s true best friend—Maybe a friend named Mike he’s known since high school—He gets less angry every time it comes up.

Stray observations

  • I’m going to need them to stop calling him “Zack Snake.”
  • In his introduction, Jesse says, “Of course, the driveway is downhill.” Is that what they do? Is this what people do?
  • As I prepared for the point that The Bachelor is always forgettable, I took at least 30 seconds to remember who the last Bachelor really was. Remember Clayton?
  • “What are you drinking?” Someone asks Madison after her bad kiss with Zach. “Not enough.” No, that’s definitely enough! Someone cut it!
  • Kimberly tries to comfort Madison by telling her her makeup is amazing, a term I haven’t seen anyone use since 2015.
  • “A lot happened tonight,” Jesse tells Zach. did No boyfriend showed up at home. No one brought a playbook. No one is even at war! It was a very normal, uneventful night, Jesse!


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